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The Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of activities for each member of the family to enjoy. One of the main goals for the Department is to improve recreation opportunities for all Knoxvillians, and with the opening of new fitness centers, the construction of greenways and walking trails and the installation of new playground equipment at many city parks, great progress is being made toward the goal.

Parks in KnoxvilleParks in KnoxvilleParks in Knoxville

Click on the name below for more info about the park.

City Park Knox Area Acres
Augusta Quarry at Fort Dickerson Park South  
Adair Park
North 38.27
Alex Haley Heritage Square at Morningside Park
Alice Bell Park and Ballfields
North 12.06
Ashley Nicole Dream Playground at Caswell Park
Babe Ruth Park
East 0.6
Baker Creek Preserve South 100
Baxter Avenue Park
Northwest 0.38
Bearden Middle School Ballfields
West 3.54
Beth Ann Booker Park (formerly Old North Knoxville Park) North 0.25
Boright Park
North 1.19
Buck Toms Park
West 18.34
Cal Johnson Park
East 3.7
Caswell Park
East 37.29
Cecil B. Webb Park
South 2.42
Charter E. Doyle Park and PetSafe Dog Park
South 27.88
Christenberry Ballfields
North 6.12
Claude Walker Ballpark
East 4.77
Cradle of Country Music Park Downtown 0.44
Cumberland Estates Park Northwest 26.96
Danny Mayfield Park
Northwest 1.51
Deane Hill Park West 5.02
Dr. Walter Hardy Park
East 3.37
Edgewood Park North 3.19
Everly Brothers Park West 0.79
First Creek Park North 17.52
Forest Heights Pocket Park West 0.77
Forks of the River WMA *
Fort Dickerson Park / Augusta Quarry
South 91.39
Fort Kid Downtown 1.79
Fountain City Ballfields North 15.85
Fountain City Park
North 7.94
Fountain City Skatepark North 4.53
Fourth & Gill Park North 0.8
Frajan Campbell Park Northwest 0.35
Fulton Bicentennial Park North 5.12
Gary Underwood Park South 6.78
Gov. Ned McWherter / Riverside Landing Park East 4.64
Happy Homes Park Northwest  2.1
Harriet Tubman Park East 4.36
Highland Neighborhood Park North  0.88
Holston-Chilhowee Ballfields East 14.02
Holston River Park and PetSafe Dog Park East 44
Ijams Nature Center South 259.85
Inskip Ballfields Northwest 9.65
Inskip Park
Northwest 12.23
Island Home Park South 7.62
James Agee Park Downtown 0.36
James Smith Park East 0.53
Joe Foster Park South 0.51
Knoxville Municipal Golf Course North 156.54
Krutch Park Downtown 1.16
Lakeshore Park West 207.49
Luxmore Drive Natural Area West 12.44
Malcolm - Martin Park Northwest 14.73
Marie Myers Park South 33.97
Mary James Park
South 3.01
Mary Vestal Park South 17.93
Maynard Glenn Ballfields South 7.84
Morningside Park East 35.85
New Hope Park Northeast  1.38
North Hills Park North 0.74
Olde Mechanicsville Park Northwest 0.35
Parkridge Park East 2.17
Paul Hogue Park East 1.13
Petsafe Downtown Dog Park Downtown 0.83
Reed & Baxter Park Northwest 0.5
River Bluff Wildlife Area  South 68.7
Rock City Ballfield South 4.47
Rocky Hill Ballfields West 18.37
Roseanne Wolf Picnic Area North  0.5
S & J Colquitt Memorial Park Northwest 6.4
Safety City Park West 20.26
Sam Duff Memorial Park South 7.26
Scott-Roberts Park
 North  0.1
Scottish Pike Park South 2.92
Sequoyah Hills Park West 84.53
Sharp's Ridge Veterans Memorial Park North 156.65
Skyline Park East 9.64
Stanley Lippencott Ridge Park South 22.38
Suttree Landing Park South 7.57
Talahi Park West 1.3
Third Creek Greenway Park West 39.24
Tyson Park West 25.4
Urban Wilderness Gateway Park  South  26
Vestal Gateway Park South 0.4
Victor Ashe Park and Dogwood Dog Park
Northwest 115.9
Volunteer Landing Park Downtown 12.5
West Haven Park Northwest  0.35
West Hills / John Bynon Park West 45.33
West View Park West 5.53
Westwood Park West 1.14
Whedbee Drive Park Northwest  1.08
Whitlow - Logan Park West 2.45
Whittle Springs Golf Course Northeast  80.3
Williams Creek Golf Course East 100.78
Williams Creek Urban Forest East 15.95
William Hastie Natural Area
South 85.19
William Powell Park East 2.12
World's Fair Park Downtown 15.44
Zaevion Dobson Memorial Park *
0.9 *
TOTAL 94 parks Over 2,200 acres
at City Parks

* Not owned, operated, or managed by City of Knoxville.


1.) For the protection of our park and the safety of its users, the following are prohibited:
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No open fires
  • No hitting golf balls anywhere in the park
  • No motorized vehicles in park
  • No equestrian activity
2.) Per city ordinance, all animals must be maintained on a leash.
3.) Please be respectful of other trail users.
4.) Please help to keep our parks beautiful by disposing trash in proper receptacles.
5.) Hours - Open dawn to dusk unless otherwise posted.