Internal Auditor

Savannah Kirk
[email protected]
(865) 215-3022

400 Main St., Room 467
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are available below:

• Currently each council district and the three at-large seats are allotted $10,000 per fiscal year.

• If the organization does not have an independent audit or audit financial statements completed each year a copy of the most recent IRS Form 990 filed can be used.

• If the organization does not have all of the required documents it is ineligible. However, you can contact an eligible organization and ask them to serve as a fiscal agent. If you choose this the letter on letterhead from your organization as well as the fiscal agent organization will be needed.

• Fund is regulated by T.C.A §6-54-111 and Knoxville City Code §2-596 through §2-603