How does Middle Housing benefit our community?

Chief Policy Officer

Cheryl Ball
[email protected]
(865) 215-4991

400 Main St., Room 655
Knoxville, TN 37902

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How does Middle Housing benefit our community?

Knoxville is growing, and so are home prices and rent. With current residents already feeling the economic pressure of rising housing affordability, things will only get worse if there is not enough supply to meet demand. 

Allowing more Middle Housing helps address the housing crisis by creating more housing – of more types and prices – for all types of families.

  Stacked Duplex at 1523 Forest Ave
Forest Ave.
Middle Housing can:

Increase the diversity of types of housing and increase local stock 
Add more financially attainable housing options at a wide variety of price points
Smaller, more attainable homes can provide a pathway to homeownership
Support use of multi-modal transportation such as walking, biking, transit, etc.
Create incremental increases in housing in existing neighborhoods 
Support neighborhood character through quality design and house scale buildings
Provide housing for more than one family on a single lot with more affordable construction costs than building multiple single-family homes
Allows housing options that can better accommodate people of all ages, physical abilities and life stages, including multi-generational families
Creates more opportunities for families to live in walkable neighborhoods close to parks, schools, neighborhood servicing businesses, and more

Why is the City working on Middle Housing? 

To help residents have more diverse types of housing options at a variety of sizes and a variety of price points
To support an increase in housing stock overall in Knoxville
To eliminate barriers to development of under-utilized land in the city

In Knoxville and across the country, household demographics are shifting.

Middle Housing creates more options for many different types of households.

2021 Knoxville Census data shows:

40% of Knoxville households are single persons
78% of Knoxville households do not have children under 18 in the home

Across the country more people under 35 and over 55 desire Middle Housing.