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Rhea Carmon shares new poetry every Sunday. This poem was shared on October 18, 2020.


by Rhea Carmon

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Let me learn your walk, your talk
Your way of thinking
Though different from mine
Let me consider changing 
Let me decide that I love you
Let me not change 
And you still know that I care for you
Let us balance each other into the people that we want be
As we share words and conversations
Of greatness trapped and circulating between us
Let us create poetry in these moments of forever growth
Water my soul with your openness
Fertilize my mind with the richness of you life
Let me be the sunshine
To harvest beauty in the diversity
Open your voice that I may hear your words
Let them slide into the canals of my ear
Provide some clarity of how I should think of you
Let your words and passion 
Teach a new way to journey to love
Let love for humanity win
Let my heart be shown in my silence
Or my voice
Let you see me, for the person that I am
Let me see you, for who you are
Let us walk together
Let us join together
Let us change a world that wants to keep us separate
As we find the way to communicate 
Let us see life in the eyes of one another
And choose to keep looking for it
Let us look for love rather than understanding
Let us be broken together, human
Let us experience utopia when we share
Come and talk with me
Teach me your walk, teach me your talk
Teach me you 
And I will teach you, me!