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Starting January 1, 2021: Certificates of Completion and Certificates of Occupancy will be emailed to the applicant for the project upon final approval. If you would like a hard copy to be mailed, please contact 865-215-3669.

Attention Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Users:
The cutoff time for scheduling same day inspections has been changed from 7:30 am to 12:00 am. Any inspection called in to IVR after 12:00 am will be scheduled for the next available inspection date.

Example: A Contractor/ Homeowner calls in a building inspection at 12:01 am on 08/10/2020 the inspection will be placed on the schedule for 08/11/2020. 

Plans Review & Inspections
City of Knoxville
400 Main Street, Suite 475
Knoxville, TN 37902
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Please send email to bldginspections@knoxvilletn.gov
or call 865-215-2999.
To pay by credit card, please call 865-215-2999.
DeAnn Bogus
Deputy Director of Building Inspections


Bryan Berry, AICP
Deputy Director of Zoning & Development Services

The Plans Review & Inspections Division promotes quality development and preserves neighborhood integrity and safety through plans review, permits, building inspections, and other regulatory activities.

Not sure where to start? Check out our Fast Fact Sheets and Frequently Asked Questions.

EMAIL PLANS REVIEW APPLICATIONS TO: bldginspections@knoxvilletn.gov

To check on the status of your plans review application, call 865-215-4830 or go to Plans Review & Permit Inquiry and then enter your plans review number.


Form District Projects
Scott Elder, Zoning Chief, 865-215-4473

Building Regulations, Alternative Building Code, NC-1, H-1, CBID & Arborist Requirements
James Tente, Chief of Building Inspections & Plans Review, 865-215-3096

Zoning Regulations / Landscaping
Scott Elder, Chief of Zoning & Sign Regulation, 865-215-4473

Sign Regulations
Rebecca Johnson, Zoning & Sign Inspector, 865-215-2992

Electrical and Solar Regulations
Greg Taylor, Chief of Electrical, 865-215-3285

Gas, Mechanical and Plumbing Regulations
Charlie Johnson, Chief of Gas, Mechanical and Plumbing, 865-215-3109

Fire Regulations
Sonny Partin, Fire Inspections, 865-215-2843

Site, Drainage, and Parking Access / Layout
Joshua Frerichs, Engineering, 865-215-2798

Waste Water
Travis Franklin, Knoxville Utilities Board, 865-558-2260

KnoxPlans / Electronic Review
Lily Seabolt, Development Services Coordinator, 865-215-2626