Guest Speakers Guide

Neighborhood Coordinator

Debbie Sharp
[email protected]
(865) 215-3232

400 Main St., Room 546
Knoxville, TN 37902

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This Guest Speakers Guide lists programs and speakers available for neighborhood meetings in Knoxville. Neighborhood groups needing a speaker or program should contact the agency or organization directly and make your own arrangements.

This Guide is updated as needed.  If your agency, organization or business wishes to be included, contact Debbie Sharp at or 865-215-3077 with the following information: organization name; program topic; brief description of what can be covered; web address; and contact name, phone and email.

To be included in this Guide, presentations must not solicit business or make direct appeals for donations. The Office of Neighborhoods reserves the right to edit entries submitted for this Guide and to reject entries deemed unsuitable for any reason.

City of Knoxville Agencies
Emergency Preparedness Speaker Series
Knox County Agencies
Other Public Agencies
Nonprofit Organizations
CAC Office on Aging


311 & 211 Center for Service Innovation
Russ Jensen
(865) 215-2066
[email protected]

The City’s 311 and 211 Call Center provides a gateway to all programs and services the city provides. A 311/211 official will explain how both work and how to best use these two services for maximum benefit in your neighborhood. With years of accumulated data, the official will also address the benefits of 311/211, including greater efficiency in delivery of services. 

Community Development Department - Housing Rehabilitation
Janna Cecil
Community Development Housing Manager
(865) 215-3079
[email protected]

Owner-Occupied Rehab Program – Learn how this program helps low- and moderate-income homeowners make significant repairs to their homes to bring them up to the City's Neighborhood Housing Standards. Income limits apply.

Rental Rehab Program – Learn how landlords can receive assistance to make significant repairs to rental homes and bring them up to the City’s Neighborhood Housing Standards, in return for their agreement to lease the units to lower income tenants at an affordable rent.

Community Development Department - Disability Services
Stephanie Brewer Cook
ADA Coordinator
(865) 215-2034 Voice
(865) 215-4581 TTY
[email protected]

Learn about the services available for Knoxvillians with disabilities, the rights and responsibilities of persons with a disability under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how they can expect to interact or participate in the programs and processes of the City of Knoxville. General information about the ADA and the Mayor’s Council on Disability Issues (CODI) is also available. 

Accommodations such as interpreters for the Deaf, large print or Brailed documents for people who are blind or have low vision, and information on CD or via email are available for anyone who may need an accommodation in order to communicate with City personnel or individual departments. These are provided free of charge, but 72 hours’ notice is needed.

Fire Department
Captain Paul Trumpore
(865) 805-2890
[email protected]

The Knoxville Fire Department is willing and able to talk to any group about fire safety, fire codes, and arson. The fire department can train any group on proper fire extinguisher techniques.

Knoxville Area Transit (KAT)
Belinda Woodiel-Brill
Director of Transit
(865) 215-7824
[email protected]

KAT Director of Transit Dawn Distler is available to speak about one or more KAT topics, such as KAT services specific to your neighborhood, how KAT is structured and funded, the services KAT provides, tips on how to ride the bus, cost and payment options, and the Knoxville Station Transit Center.

Neighborhood Codes Enforcement
Robert Moyers
Codes Enforcement Manager
(865) 215-2119
[email protected]

Cheri Hollifield
(865) 215-2867
[email protected]

Learn about investigations of codes violations in regards to dilapidated buildings, dirty or overgrown lots, illegal dumping, and abandoned vehicles — and how these violations are addressed by Neighborhood Codes Enforcement.

Office of Neighborhoods
Debbie Sharp
Neighborhood Coordinator
(865) 215-4382
[email protected]

The Office of Neighborhoods offers a wide variety of programs for meetings of an entire neighborhood or a smaller group, such as the board of directors. Topics include:
• Starting a Neighborhood Organization
• Holding Effective Meetings
• Recruiting & Retaining Members
• Working with City Government for the Benefit of Your Neighborhood
• From Conflict to Resolution: Getting Past Disagreements in Your Neighborhood

If you have an issue that may involve city government and don’t know who to call, or who to invite to your meeting, call the Office of Neighborhoods to get started.

Office of Sustainability
Erin Gill
Sustainability Director
(865) 215-4430
[email protected]

The Office of Sustainability strives to make Knoxville a greener, more sustainable city—one where the economy, environment, and community can thrive now and in the future. Since its creation, the Office has championed policies and programs to advance energy efficiency, recycling, urban agriculture and other issues that have put Knoxville in the national spotlight as a sustainability leader. 
The Office of Sustainability welcomes opportunities to talk with community groups and, depending on your interest, can provide a general overview of the City’s Energy & Sustainability Initiative or discuss a specific project.

Regardless of varying personal views on environmental issues, conserving resources and energy makes sense on a basic level: it saves money and positively impacts our health. Integrating best practices for sustainability into how the City of Knoxville does business is driven by logic and economics. Does it make sense for our community? Will it improve our quality of life? Is there a funding source available? Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated as we continually strive to improve.

Parks & Recreation Department

Sheryl Ely
(865) 215-1733
[email protected]

The City of Knoxville’s Parks & Recreation Department manages over 90 parks with countless amenities, over 100 miles of greenway and trails, and over a dozen community centers with various programs throughout the year. Parks & Recreation strives to build and foster a great relationship with each neighborhood association. P&R staff welcomes opportunities to talk with community groups and, depending on your interest, can provide a general overview of the department or discuss a specific topic, such as but not limited to: parks/greenways/trails, Urban Wilderness, arts and crafts, recreation center opportunities, youth and adult athletic opportunities, hosting an event at a park, and Adopt a Park Program/Programs in the Parks.

Police Advisory and Review Committee (PARC)
Clarence L. Vaughn, III
PARC Executive Director
(865) 215-3869
[email protected]

The Police Advisory and Review Committee (PARC) is available to meet with neighborhood groups to share information about the work of the committee and to receive allegations of possible KPD officers' violation of KPD policies. PARC also serves as the liaison between the citizens of Knoxville and KPD. If citizens suspect illegal activities occurring in their neighborhood and are ill at ease with going directly to KPD, they may bring those concerns to PARC to address on their behalf. PARC participates in mediation between citizens and police officers to resolve issues that involve areas such as: understanding of laws; perceptions of professional behavior; lack of communication; and actions or verbiage that may be perceived as threatening, rude, or disrespectful. PARC meets quarterly and all citizens are encouraged to attend and participate in those quarterly meetings. 

Police Department Safety Education
Pam Roberts
Excecutive Assistant
(865) 215-1516
[email protected]

The Police Department Safety Education Program covers a broad range of topics from personal safety to violence in the workplace and pretty much everything in between. A lot of requests are specifically tailored to a particular group. Our program delivers all types of crime prevention training and topics.

Public Service Department
Chad Weth
Director of Public Service
(865) 215-2060
[email protected]

The PSD Overview program will provide a general overview of services provided by the Public Service Department. Topics Include:
• Leaf and brush removal
• Street sweeping
• Public Grounds Maintenance
• Construction and Facility Maintenance
• Downtown Special Events and Maintenance
• General Public Works
• Snow/Ice Removal

Solid Waste & Recycling
Patience Melnik
Solid Waste Project Manager
(865) 215-2053
[email protected]

The Solid Waste Office manages curbside trash and recycling, the City’s five Recycling Centers, and the Solid Waste Management Facility (which includes the Transfer Station and the Household Hazardous Waste Facility). We are happy to tailor presentations about any of these topics and/or supply informational brochures for your group.

Trees & Urban Forestry
Kasey Krouse
Urban Forester
(865) 215-6113
[email protected]

The City of Knoxville Urban Forester is responsible for the expansion, protection, and maintenance of the City’s urban forest and implementing the City’s Urban Forest Management Plan. Topics for neighborhood groups include:
• Right Tree, Right Place: Proper planting practices
• Proper Pruning Practices
• Overview of the City's Urban Forest Program and Management Plan
• Neighborhoods for Trees: How can your neighborhood increase tree benefits?
• Tree Preservation: Protecting tree assets within your neighborhood
• Plant Health Care—Includes topics on Emerald Ash Borer and 1000 Cankers Disease
• How to promote and protect the tree canopy within your neighborhood
• Develop a community planting plan
• Tree Risk Assessment—How the city determines when a tree needs to be removed or pruned.

Traffic Engineering - Bicycle Facilities
Jon Livengood
Alternative Transportation Engineer
[email protected]

Provides a general overview of the City’s Bicycle Facilities Plan and will answer any specific questions regarding planned facilities in the vicinity of your neighborhood.

Stormwater Engineering
Chris Howley, P.E.
Engineering Planning Chief
(865) 215-2148
[email protected]

The City's Stormwater Engineering Division offers a wide array of programs for neighborhood associations.  These include:
• Basic Stormwater Drainage
• Illicit or Illegal Discharges - Water Quality Hotline 215-4147
• Commercial Construction Inspection (run-off from a commercial project) 
• Best Management Practices (Requirements for stormwater pollution prevention and erosion control, e.g. topics such as how to wash your car, pet waste, silt fence)
• Adopt-A-Stream Program

PowerPoint presentations cover the City’s NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) Program, Basic Water Quality, and Low Impact Development. 

Tree Board
Kathy Hall
(865) 215-6008
[email protected]

The City of Knoxville Tree Board studies the problems and determines the needs of the City of Knoxville in connection with its urban forestry program. It recommends to City Council rules and regulations that the board deems advisable and necessary for Knoxville’s urban forest. The Tree Board helps disseminate information regarding the selection, planting, establishment, protection, and maintenance of trees within the city. Topics for Neighborhood Groups include:
• Who to contact about your tree related issues and the importance of hiring a Certified Arborist
• Proper maintenance practices for trees on your property and within your neighborhood
• What is the Tree Board and how can we assist you or your neighborhood
• How to promote and protect the tree canopy within your neighborhood


Knox County Health Department
Katharine Killen
Community Relations Director
(865) 215-5534
[email protected]

Please note that due to the volume of requests, the health department may not be able to accept all invitations to speak.  When you call, please provide the following information:  the date/time, subject(s) you would like covered, the timeframe allowed, and the type of audience. 

Emergency Preparedness
(865) 215-5093

The health department’s Emergency Preparedness Division enhances community preparedness by encouraging and supporting readiness planning efforts among all community members, from individuals and businesses to civic groups and faith-based organizations.  Learn what your family and neighborhood can do to be prepared in the event of a disaster or emergency.  

Food Safety
(865) 215-5200

Incorrectly prepared or improperly stored food can be dangerous and even life-threatening, especially for older adults, young children and pregnant women.  The health department’s Food Protection Division is available to speak to groups about food safety precautions and tips.  Topics can also include how this division regulates the production and sale of food in local facilities, such as restaurants and grocery stores. 

Health and Environment
(865) 215-5242

The health department’s environmental epidemiologist studies the health effects of environmental exposures.  Speaking topics can include radon risk; air quality and health (asthma); health risks from various pollutants/contaminants in our environment, food or water; health implications of climate change; risks from pharmaceutical waste and what to do about it; why the build environment is a public health issues; and more.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities
(865) 215-5184

Designed to support community action to prevent childhood obesity, this program seeks to empower residents to improve access to healthy activities, which includes enhancing public spaces so the healthy choice is the easy choice.  Learn how the build environment can affect your health and what you can do to improve health in your neighborhood.

Dating and Domestic Violence
(865) 215-5061

The health department’s rape and violence prevention educator will provide information to help you recognize the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, know how to intervene in an unhealthy relationship, and be aware of what resources are available if you or someone you know is in an unhealthy (abusive) relationship.

Mosquito Control
(865) 215-5200

Learn the best methods to prevent mosquito bites and control breeding grounds from the health department’s Vector Control staff.  The presentation can also include information about their West Nile Virus Control Program, including how and when they spray for mosquitoes. 

Overall Health in Knox County
(865) 215-5095

Gain insight into Knox County’s health achievements and challenges through a presentation by the health department’s epidemiology staff.  Topics can include infectious diseases and/or specific health conditions in Knox County, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, teen pregnancy and cancer.  The presentation will include descriptions of who is at risk, contributing risk factors and prevention strategies. 

Preventing Falls Among Seniors
(865) 215-5175

Each Year, one in every three adults ages 65 or older falls and 2 million are treated in emergency departments for fall-related injuries. Falls do not have to be an inevitable part of aging. Many falls can be prevented by taking actions such as minimizing trip hazards in the home, medication awareness and the importance of proper exercise. 

Sexual Assault Prevention
(865) 215-5061

The health department’s rape and violence prevention educator will discuss the basics of sexual assault, including legal definitions, common myths, statistics, and safety tips for risk reduction.  Information about date rape drugs, sexual assault’s effects on the victim, as well as local and national resources can also be discussed. 

Understanding HIV and AIDS
(865) 215-5545

More than 800 Tennesseans became infected with HIV in 2013.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates more than one million Americans are living with HIV and that 1 in 7 does not know they are infected. Learn what this means for our community, who is at risk and who should get tested. 

WIC, Women, Infants, and Children
(865) 215-5052

WIC is a federally-funded, state-operated nutrition program for Women, Infants, and Children who qualify financially to receive nutrition education and supplemental food. Learn more about who qualifies as well as the education, breastfeeding support, and foods provided to help young families. 

Youth Health Board
(865) 215-5170

The Youth Health Board is a collaborative effort between the Knox County Health Department, and Coordinated School Health that serves as an opportunity for youth to affect the well-being of our community. Youth Health Board members are available to speak about their efforts to improve health as well as gather feedback and suggestions for getting more youth involved.  Note:  One month minimum advanced notice is required for scheduling.


Knoxville - Knox County Planning
Gerald Green
Executive Director
(865) 215-3758
[email protected]

The Knoxville - Knox County Planning is the agency responsible for comprehensive county-wide planning and administration of zoning and land subdivision regulations.  The staff of the office works in four divisions: Comprehensive Planning, Development Services, Informal Services, and Transportation Planning.  In addition, Planning works with the Knox County and Knoxville  Historic Zoning Commissions.  Staff is available to come speak about:

Comprehensive planning
Urban design
Demographic and economic data
Transportation trends, studies, and engineering
Historic zoning 

Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB)
Trina Gallman
KUB Community Relations
(865) 594-7233
[email protected]

You can also request a speaker here:

KUB offers presentations on Energy Conservation and other company-wide initiatives and projects that affect customers. KUB’s topics include:
• Can the Grease (preventing sewage backups in homes/neighborhoods caused by cooking grease)
• Century II (proactive infrastructure management and replacement program for all services)
• Construction Projects (electric, natural gas, and water system upgrades)
• Energy & Water Conservation (tips to conserve energy and save on utility bills)
• Green Power (reducing our region’s dependency on non-renewable resources like coal and other fossil fuels)
• PACE 10 Wastewater Collection System Improvement (construction projects, wastewater facilities, environmental impact, etc.)
• Private Sewer Lateral Program (maintaining proper connections to sewer mains to protect your property and the environment)
• Natural Gas Safety & Call 811/Utility Damage Prevention (what to do if you suspect a natural gas leak and information about calling 811 to have utilities marked before digging)
• Vegetation Management (tree pruning and clearance in the utility maintenance zone around power lines). Contact KUB at 865-558-6658 or [email protected] to see when tree-trimming work is scheduled for your area.

Knox County Trustee’s Office
Ed Shouse
Knox County Trustee
(865) 215-8554
[email protected]

In addition to collecting property taxes for Knox County, the Trustee’s Office is responsible for administering two State of Tennessee sponsored programs regarding tax relief for “Elderly & Disabled Homeowners” and “Disabled Veterans”.  We also can assist citizens on a State approved “Tax Freeze” program. The Trustee is happy to speak to your club or organization about these taxpayer benefits. 

Metropolitan Drug Commission

Deborah Huddleston
Media Relations and Project Director 
(865) 588-5550
[email protected]

Speakers are available to address youth use and adult abuse of alcohol and drugs in Knox County. Possible Featured Subjects: Underage Drinking, Prescription Drug Abuse, Drug-Free Workplace, Parenting Tips, Social Host Law, Drug Trends, Media Literacy, General information about alcohol and other drugs.  (NOTE: All topics can be tailored to fit each audience.)

Historic Zoning
Lindsey Crockett
Historic Preservation Planner
(865) 215-3795
[email protected]

Learn about the history of Knoxville or Knox County through examples of our architectural heritage. The Historic Zoning Commission provides design review oversight of changes to protect the city's and county's architectural treasures. Communities, neighborhoods, or individual property owners may inquire about the historic designation process, and how it works. The Commission provides technical assistance on various renovation or restoration challenges that may arise with older buildings and strives to make information on this topic available to the public. A presentation is also available on the design review process for historic properties and on how historic district permits, called Certificates of Appropriateness, are obtained.

Office of the District Attorney General
Emily Scheuneman
Director of Community Affairs
(865) 215-2515
[email protected]

The Community Affairs Unit provides a direct link between the District Attorney’s Office and the citizens of Knox County through outreach, education and collaborative partnerships. Together, we can build trust between communities, and, ultimately, prevent crime at its source. The Speakers Bureau matches members of the District Attorney General’s Office with community groups, organizations and businesses who want to learn more about various aspects of the criminal justice system. Expert attorneys and victim/witness coordinators are available to speak at events for groups of approximately 10 people or more. Suggested topics include:
• Child Abuse
• Criminal Justice Overview
• Cyber Crimes
• Domestic Violence
• Driving Under the Influence
• Drugs and Narcotics
• Elder Abuse
• Gang and Hate Crimes
• Gun Violence
• Human Trafficking
• Identity Theft
• Juvenile Crime and Prevention
• Sexual Assault
• Truancy
• Victim Services
• White Collar Crimes

Transportation Planning Organization (TPO)

Safe Routes & Complete Streets
Ellen Zavisca
Principal Transportation Planner
(865) 215-4014
[email protected]

Safe Routes to School: The TPO works in partnership with the Knox County Health Department and other city and county departments to create promotional and educational programs that make it safer for children to walk and bicycle to school. They will also help identify low-cost safety projects near schools that they can help bring to the attention of the city, county or other appropriate agency. Program website:  

Complete Streets: The TPO works with local partners to support Complete Streets, that is, streets that safely accommodate all users—including people walking, people bicycling, people using transit, and people driving—and folks of all ages and abilities.  The TPO’s Complete Streets Guidelines show how streets can work for everyone.  Neighborhoods can play a big part in promoting streets that are safe for everyone.

Transportation Choices
Kelley Segars
Transportation Planner
(865) 215-3815
[email protected]

We have several presentations that are available for your organization or worksite.  Contact us for details on scheduling at [email protected].

Driving Safely Around Bicylists and Pedestrians: This interactive presentation focuses on ways motorists can avoid the most common types of collisions, and what the traffic laws are related to bicycling and walking.  There is a 20-minute and a 40-minute version to choose from, for different meeting formats.  The presentation includes videos and humor. 

Bike Safety: This is a 30-minute presentation on riding your bicycle safely and the Tennessee traffic laws.  The course is perfect for a lunch-and-learn at your business or a civic group meeting.  Every attendee gets a free reflective ankle strap.  On-the-road bicycle training is available upon request (which would make the course 1 ½ hours long, and require attendees to bring their bicycles and helmets; or we can discuss arrangements to rent bicycles). 

Bike Commuting 101: Want to get started biking to work, but have some questions?  Brief presentation followed by time for question/answer session.  This is perfect for a lunch-and-learn. 

Smart Trips Knoxville
Savannah Robertson
Program Coordinator
(865) 215-2916
[email protected]

Smart Trips offers information on carpooling, transit, bike commuting and other options like telecommuting and compressed work weeks. Participants can find a list of potential carpool partners through the free online system. By logging “clean commutes,” participants earn chances to win prizes. The coordinator is available to come to your meeting, or anyone can contact the coordinator directly with questions.



Be SMART for Kids Program
Suzy Wells - East TN Lead
[email protected]

4.6 million American childrne live in homes with guns that are both loaded and unlocked.  Every year nearly 600 children, 17 and under, die by self inflicted gun shots.  Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America launced a Be SMART campaign to raise awareness that responsible gun storage - storing guns locked, unloaded, and separate from ammunition - can save children's lives. Be SMART emphasizes that it is an adult's responsibility to keep kids and communities safer.  The Be SMART framework is designed to help parents and adults normalize conversations aobut gun safety and take responsible actions that can prevent child gun deaths and injuries. 

Bridge Refugee Service, Inc. 
Drocella Mugorewera
Executive Director
(865) 246-4500
[email protected]

Bridge Refugee Services is a nonprofit organization that resettles refugees in East Tennessee (Knoxville and Chattanooga). Bridge provides opportunities for refugees to rebuild their lives after suffering persecution, so they become productive and contributing members of the community. We do this by assisting refugees to enroll in schools and English classes, cultural orientation, employment services, engaging them in their neighborhoods and connecting them to community resources. The refugee resettlement is a public and private partnership program. 

CASA of East Tennessee
(865) 329-3399
Britney Sink
[email protected]

CASA of East Tennessee's mission is to improve the lives of abused and neglected children through trained volunteers who advocate for a safe, permanent, loving home. CASA provides highly trained citizen volunteers to advocate for children who come under the protection of juvenile court. We can speak to your group about how you can make a difference in the lives of some of our community’s most vulnerable children through volunteering to serve as an advocate, supporting our mission through financial support, and building awareness.

Centro Hispano of East Tennessee
Claudia Caballero
Executive Director
(865) 522-0052
[email protected]

Centro Hispano's mission is to connect, integrate and empower the Latino community through education and engagement; information and referral services; and community strengthening initiatives. 

Centro Hispano accomplishes its mission through the following ways:
• Programs to educate and empower adults, children, and youth (English classes for adults, afterschool programs for children, leadership courses for youth)
• Workshops and training to encourage community and economic engagement
• Information and referrals to connect needs and available resources in the community.
• Act as a convening organization to identify and address existing and emerging issues.

Community Mediation Center
Jackie Kittrell
Executive Director
(865) 594-1879
FAX: 865-584-1890
[email protected]

The Community Mediation Center helps resolve neighborhood conflicts through the use of trained volunteers.  Using a facilitated six-step process, co-mediators meet with the parties to work out a fair and acceptable agreement. CMC can present a program that includes role-play and simple conflict resolution skills for neighbors to use, and can explain how neighborhood groups can make referrals to their low-cost mediation programs, or have members trained as volunteer mediators. Besides neighborhood disputes, CMC has several programs to handle disputes involving: divorce, never-married parents, small claims court, elder issues, nonprofit and small business, schools, churches, and also conduct victim offender restorative justice conferencing.

Great Schools Partnership
Stephanie Welch
(865) 215-2042
[email protected]

Mark Benson
Community Schools Field Supervisor
(865) 594-1833
[email protected]

Tiffany Davidson, Community Schools Field Supervisor
(865) 594-1843
[email protected]

Yvette Parker, Parents as Teachers Field Supervisor
(865) 594-1159
[email protected]

Schools are vital to the health and well-being of our city. Whether it’s Community Schools, Parents as Teachers, CodeTN, or any of the many other innovative programs funded by the Great Schools Partnership, the aim is always the same: let’s make Knoxville’s schools the best in the Southeast!  Many are surprised to discover the depth and breadth of the Great Schools Partnership’s activities. Each program funded by GSP must be innovative, systematic, something KCS could not do on its own, and sustainable.

Keep Knoxville Beautiful
Alanna McKissack
Executive Director 
[email protected]

Keep Knoxville Beautiful is the local Keep America Beautiful affiliate for Knox County. Our mission is to promote litter eradication, recycling, and beautification efforts in Knox County communities using education, events, and volunteer engagement. We can speak to your neighborhood group about planning and implementing neighborhood clean-ups and beautification projects; best practices for recycling and waste reduction; as well as additional ways you can get involved in promoting a cleaner, greener, more beautiful Knoxville.

Knoxville Bar Association
Lawyer Referral Service
(865) 522-7501

The speakers from the Knoxville Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service won’t be outspoken. That is, they intend to be second to none when it comes to speaking out about the law. Attorneys experienced in a wide range of practice areas will speak to your group or organization without charge on the subject of your choice. The Speakers Bureau is offered as a free public service. Please allow 4 weeks advance notice.

Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum
Jim Richards
Executive Director
(865) 862-8717
[email protected]

KBGA staff has developed a short list of garden-related presentations.  They also can speak about the history of the Howell Family and their nursery which remained open for over 200 years.  KBGA is focused on making Knoxville a wonderful place to live and recreate. The KBGA grounds – including walking trails and finished gardens – are open 365 days a year, from dawn to dusk, free to the public.  Also, KBGA makes its “Garden Club Room” available to community groups for regular meetings or special occasions. 

Stop the Bleed
Debbie Tuggle
(865) 305-5739
[email protected]

Stop the Bleed offers a one-time certification to provide you with the knowledge and skills to help save a life. This class will teach you how to take simple actions including how to recognize bleeding that is life-threatening, apply direct pressure to wounds, pack a wound, and apply a tourniquet. No prior medical knowledge or training is necessary to take the course. The course is designed for all age groups. This one-hour course can be offered to groups, clubs, churches, civic organizations, and businesses. 

YWCA Victim Advocacy Program
Maggie McNally
(865) 523-6126
[email protected]

YWCA Knoxville’s Victim Advocacy Program (VAP) offers comprehensive support to victims of domestic violence, including safety planning and crisis intervention, education on victims’ rights and victim compensation, navigation of the justice system, accompaniment to court, referrals for and assistance accessing essential services, referrals to support group, and follow up services. All services are offered at no charge, are completely confidential, and are offered in both English, Spanish, Arabic, and French. Learn about warning signs of domestic violence, resources for victims, and ways you can help from the program supervisor or a Victim Advocate.

YWCA GameChangers
Ally Johnson
Community Relations Coordinator 
(865) 523-6126
[email protected]

YWCA Knoxville’s GameChangers program is an innovative and unique  gender-based violence prevention program, focusing on engaging men and boys. GameChangers utilizes adult male mentors to lead groups of middle school boys through a curriculum about domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and bystander intervention. Learn about any of these topics, the program itself, and ways you can be involved from YWCA staff.


Knoxville Knox County CAC Office on Aging
Susan Long or Angela Grant
(865) 524-2786 
[email protected] or [email protected]

Volunteer Assisted Transportation
VAT Staff
(865) 673-5001

Information will be shared about the Volunteer Assisted Transportation (VAT) Program that provides rides for Knox County seniors and people with disabilities who need aid and assistance to travel safely by providing rides using agency owned hybrid sedans and wheelchair accessible minivans, as well as training volunteer drivers to provide (nonmedical) door-through-door transportation to those who need help.

Senior Services
Susan Long, Director
(865) 524-2786
[email protected]

Angela Grant
(865) 524-2786
[email protected]
Topics include: One Call Club; Caring for the Caregiver; Community Resources; Home Safety Tips; Long-Distance Caregiving; Communicating with the Elderly; Balancing Work and Caregiving; Stress Management; How to Protect Yourself from Scams; and Where to Find Services and how to Reduce your Cost. 

RSVP Coordinator
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
(865) 524-2786

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program is sponsored through the Knoxville-Knox County CAC Office on Aging, and funded through the Corporation for National and Community Service. RSVP Staff is available to present information to the retired and senior population of Knox County on a wide range of volunteer opportunities.  Additional presentations on volunteer recruitment, volunteer training, volunteer recognition event, and general volunteer management are also available. 

Senior Food Insecurity in Knoxville Older Adults
Judith Pelot
[email protected]

Senior Employment
Brenda Tate
Senior Employment Service Manager
(865) 524-2786
[email protected]

Staff from the Senior Employment Program will share tips for individuals 50 and over returning to the work force. Information about the program is detailed including valuable job-search training in monthly workshops and interaction with employers with available positions, 2 to 3 job fairs annually, and individualized help with job counseling and resume assistance. 

Grandparents as Parents
Tracy Van de Vate
GAP Program Manager
(865) 524-2786
[email protected]

Staff from the Grandparents as Parents Program (GAP) explain the unique needs of Knox County grandparents and relative caregivers raising children whose parents are unable to care for them. Information will be provided about GAP’s support meetings, information and referrals to community resources for grandparents and relative caregivers, and GAP’s trained Volunteer Advocates who can assist grandparents through the challenging Juvenile Court custody process or school IEP meetings.

Prescription Drug
Consumer Information and Advising
Peggy Ransom
AMOS Program Manager
(865) 524-2786
[email protected]

Presentations and exhibits are provided by staff from Affordable Medicine Options for Seniors (AMOS). Special focus is on Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage insurance, and the new Affordable Care Act. Information is also available about prescription drug free medicine and discount programs. AMOS volunteers provide in depth research and advising for seniors and people with disabilities.

Senior Companion Program
SCP Staff, Deisha Finley
Senior Corps Manager
(865) 524-2786
[email protected]

Information will be shared about the Senior Companion Program (SCP), which provides low-income volunteers an opportunity to serve homebound and isolated individuals in the community. Volunteers receive a stipend for providing respite care, home maker services, personal care, and companionship to the vulnerable population.  

Support Services for Seniors
Misty Goodwin
(865) 524-2786
[email protected]

Staff from Project LIVE (Living Independently through Volunteer Efforts) explain services provided by the program including in-home assessment, care management, and referral to community services and resources. Volunteers do chore services and make minor home repairs and safety modifications for seniors who are determined eligible.