Good Dog Tales: Mister Clooney


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Poem from November 2018 about Mister Clooney, a medical alert dog who lives with and is trained by Karen Armsey at Human-Animal Bond in Tennessee (H.A.B.I.T.) which is a program sponsored by the UT College of Veterinary Medicine.

By Marilyn Kallet

Good Dog Tales: Mister Clooney

Mister Clooney and KarenHi! My name is Mister Clooney.
Mom says I’m a good boy, 
A good-looking fur boy.

Mom named me
for an actor,
who is great to watch.

I’m a tawny
Australian Shepherd 
Poodle mix, a beauty!

But looks are not enough.
I’m smart too,

I can save lives. 
Like a scientist, I can 

When someone will fall down sick.
I can smell the fall
Coming. They call me 

An alert dog.
I can warn someone
If one of my friends is going

To have a seizure, 
To get shaky. 
The disease is called epilepsy.  

I’m not a doctor, but you could 
Call me 
A dog-ter. 

And I’m friendly, too.
Too friendly.
My mom is trying to

Teach me not to jump on people
I don’t mean any harm,
But I get too excited.

I wag my tail and 
Lick people even after they 
Say stop!

Once I’m trained to be 
Less licky-sticky,

Less jumpy
And tail-thumpy,
I can visit hospitals and schools. 

Then anyone can pet me.
Fur buddies like me 
Cheer people, sick or well.

But when you meet me,
Don’t wear black pants.
I shed. 

Not my fault!
Is it the tree’s fault
When leaves fall down? No!

I’m a good, smart,
Fur boy, a good-looking 

Fur real.
I am not an actor.
Can I lick you now?