Doing Business with the City

Purchasing Agent

Penny Owens
[email protected]
(865) 215-2070

400 Main St., Room 667
Knoxville, TN 37902

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It is the policy of the City of Knoxville Purchasing Division to achieve the highest degree of open, free market competition when soliciting pricing and/or proposals. All quotes, bids and/or proposals shall receive equal, fair and non-preferential treatment throughout the entire procurement process.

The best interest of the City of Knoxville shall be the final determining factor for the basis of any award with award evaluation criteria, including consideration of factors such as price, service, delivery time, specifications, prior history and any other pertinent information.

All Purchasing Division records are available for review. Click here to see our Procurement Policies and Procedures Manual.


The City spends around $100 million each year on products and services. Some of the products and services we buy include:

• Automation Maintenance & Service
• Automotive Repair & Parts
• Police Equipment
• Computers & Printers
• Construction
• Decorations for Special Events
• Janitorial Services & Supplies
• Promotional Displays & Items
• Landscaping Services & Supplies
• Lawn Care Services
• Architectural & Engineering
• Recreational Equipment / Installation
• Safety Equipment & Supplies
• Traffic Lights & Equipment
• Appliances
• Beverages
• Vehicles
• Clothing
• Fuel
• Gravel / Rocks
• Concrete
• Printing 
• Signs
• Pest Control
• Office Supplies
• Office Furniture
• Liquid Soap
• Bus Parts


Purchases below $12,500 are at the City's discretion and are handled by the departments.

The City solicits quotes by email or fax for purchases between $12,500 and $50,000. It solicits sealed submissions for purchases of $50,000 or more. All sealed submission solicitations and quotes are posted on our website.
Click here to view our Current Solicitations

Vendors must be registered with the City in order to respond to solicitations. Quotes, bids, or proposals submitted by businesses that are not registered with the City may be rejected. Registered vendors receive email notifications when new solicitations pertaining to their area of interest are posted to the website. There is no cost to register as a vendor with the City of Knoxville.
Click here for Vendor Registration

Check out our Small Business and Diversity Outreach page for more information about the annual "Business Breakfast" or contact Pamela Cotham at 865-215-4032.