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Schedule an inspection- Click on the blue "Schedule an Inspection" icon to the right

- In the Permit Number field enter the permit number as provided, including the dash

- Click search to view details associated with the entered permit number.

Verify that the permit number, address, and permit type are correct prior
to scheduling inspections. Any issues should be reported to the admin
staff at 865-215-3669 or [email protected].

Inspections cannot be scheduled using an R## number.

Once in the Inspection Permit Record there are two options:

1.  INSPECTION HISTORY – View previously scheduled inspections, inspection dates, inspection results, and inspector contact information.

Click the Back to Permit button to return to the Inspection Permit Record screen.

2.  SCHEDULE INSPECTION – Schedule all inspections.

    • Selected Date – Select the preferred inspection date from the drop-down.  Inspections may be scheduled up to 3 days out.  The next day inspection option is closed at 2pm.

    • Inspection Type – Select the type of inspection needed from the drop-down.  The inspection types available will be based on the permit number entered.  If the inspection type needed is not in the list, ensure that the appropriate permit number was entered (BU=building, PL=plumbing, EL=electrical, ME=mechanical, GA=gas).

    • Message for Inspector – Field for brief notes to inspector (example: AM concrete pour).  This is also where you can request morning or afternoon inspections.  Inspector will try to accommodate requests but they are not guaranteed. Please contact the inspector about arrival times before spending the day on the job site awaiting arrival.

    • Contact – Enter the name of the contact who will be meeting the inspector/discussing the job.  This should not be the person in the office scheduling inspections.

    • Phone Number – Enter the cell phone number of the contact who will be meeting the inspector/discussing the job.

A pop-up will provide notification that inspection scheduling was successful and the Inspection History screen will be updated to reflect the inspection request.