City Court Payment Plan Rules

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City Court Payment Plan
“The Ground Rules”

Effective July 1, 2019

• Payment plans will be required for every licensee convicted of a driving offense and who fails to pay the fines and costs on the disposition date; i.e. the court date.

• The person will make payments pursuant to an installment payment plan.

• The person is subject to the payment plan until either (1) the money owed the court is fully paid or (2) any outstanding fines or costs are waived by the court.

• While on the payment plan, the person will maintain driving privileges only if he/she is otherwise eligible for a driver’s license.

• The court clerk offers the payment plan.

The Payment Plan Must Be Reasonable

The court clerk is required to inform the person that:

(1) Failure to timely make the payments as ordered by the court results in suspension of the person’s license and a restricted license will be issued.

(2) Any default on the payment plan, while on a restricted license, would result in revoking the restricted license and driving privileges.

Failing to Comply with the Payment Plan— “The First Time”

• The court clerk shall notify the Dept. of Safety when a person fails to comply with the payment plan.

• The Dept. of Safety will send a written notice, informing the person of the pending license suspension.

• Additionally, the written notice will instruct the person to contact the court clerk within 30 days (from the date of the written notice) in order to re-establish compliance with the payment plan or demonstrate compliance with the payment plan.

• Once compliance is re-established or demonstrated, the court clerk shall issue a receipt or other documentation. The person should present this information to the Dept. of Safety before the 30-day period expires.

Restricted Driver’s License

• After the license is suspended, the person may apply for a restricted license.

• The restricted license is valid only for travel necessary for employment, school, religious worship, participation in a recovery court, or serious illness of the person or immediate family member.

• The court’s order must state, with all practicable specificity, the necessary times and places of permissible operation of
the vehicle.

• The person is still required to comply with the payment plan.


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City Court Administrator
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