Canopy Assessment

Public Service Director

Chad Weth
(865) 215-2060

3131 Morris Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37909

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American Forest Canopy Assessment - 2002 [PDF]
TN Department of Agriculture Canopy Assessment - 2014 [PDF]
US Forest Service - Tennessee Urban Forestry Assessment - 2009 [PDF]

Tree canopyCity of Knoxville i-Tree Canopy Assessment - 2014

Understanding the City's urban forest resource is very important in making decisions for the community. There have been several urban forestry assessments completed in the Knoxville area by City, State, and Federal agencies utilizing different types of assessment methods and procedures. The results of these assessments helps guide the City's Urban Forestry Division on managing the City's forest resources.

Neighbhorhood Zones [PDF]
Canopy Cover by Class [PDF]
Canopy Coverage By Neighborhood Area [PDF]
Canopy Coverage Neighborhood Areas [PDF]
Changes in Canopy Coverage by Council Districts [PDF]
Changes in Impervious Areas by Council Districts [PDF]
Changes in Other Pervious Areas by Council Districts [PDF]
Impervious Pavement and Structure by Neighborhood Area [PDF]
Impervious Pavement by Neighborhood Area [PDF]
Other Pervious Green Space by Neighborhood Area [PDF]