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First Creek at Austin

The City’s housing programs are targeted at improvement and construction of affordable housing, homebuyer assistance, and repair and rehabilitation to reduce the number of substandard rental and owner-occupied residential properties. 

Affordable Rental Development Program

The City of Knoxville has established an affordable rental development fund in the initial amount of $2 million for the creation of new affordable and workforce rental housing. This fund is in response to the need for standard rental units that are affordable to low and moderate income renters. Knoxville has lost hundreds of affordable units over the last few years and at the same time, market rents have been steadily climbing. In an effort to increase the supply and long-term availability of rental housing options for persons with modest incomes, this fund has been created to incentivize the development of quality affordable rental housing. 

Properties assisted with funding through the Affordable Rental Development (ARD) Fund are listed by district in this PDF. This document is updated periodically. 

Down-payment Assistance Program

By providing down-payment assistance for homebuyers, this program strives to increase homeownership rates in Knoxville. Down payment assistance is available only on specific homes that are developed by one of our partners. See Purchase an Affordable Home below. 

Owner-Occupied Home Rehabilitation

Funds are available for owners to rehabilitate substandard residential properties in Knoxville. These monies are intended to help meet building code requirements. 

Rental Rehabilitation Program

This program provides financial and technical rehabilitation assistance to owners of substandard residential rental property. In return, property owners agree to certain long term (5 – 20 years) rent and occupancy restrictions in order to keep the housing affordable to lower-income tenants. 

Blighted Property Redevelopment Program

This program provides short-term development and construction financing through subsidized loans for the purpose of redeveloping and renovating unoccupied residential dwelling units, or construction on vacant properties, for sale, rent or owner occupation.

Emergency Home Repairs

Please contact CAC at 865-244-3080. 

Minor Home Repair

Contact Neighborhood Housing’s Operation Backyard program at 524-2774, ext. 107. 

Purchase An Affordable Home
Through federal grant funds, the City supports new construction and rehabilitation projects for affordable housing. Three local organizations develop the housing and work with low-moderate income homebuyers to purchase the homes. 

Homes for Sale

The City makes available some homes for purchase to first-time homebuyers who meet low-income requirements through the HOPE 3 program. Please see the section entitled ‘Homemakers Program Listing - HOPE 3 Properties’ under the Homemaker's Program Available Lots [PDF] for details. 

Nonprofit and Governmental Housing Programs in Knoxville

For a comprehensive list of available housing programs in Knoxville, see this document [PDF]

Financial Training/Education Programs

Financial and homebuyer education programs, particularly for homebuyers, are available with classes through Home Source East Tennessee. For further information, please call 637-1679.

Neighborhood Housing, Inc. (NHI) - 865-524-2774, ext. 107

East Tennessee Housing Development Corporation (ETHDC) - 865-281-3130

Community Partners

East Tennessee Housing Development Corporation (ETHDC), community housing development organization, 865-281-3130 

Home Source East Tennessee , community housing development organization 

Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC), minor and emergency home repair provider agency

Neighborhood Housing, community housing development organization
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