Special Events Application

Special Events Director

Kyndra Brewer
[email protected]
(865) 215-4248

400 Main St., Room 578
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Special Events Application

Phone: 865-215-4248 Fax: 865-215-4298
Email: [email protected]
City County Building, P.O. Box 1631 Suite 578, Knoxville, TN 37901
• Special Events Coordinating meetings take place quarterly, in January, April, July, and October, on the fourth Thursday of the month at 9:00 a.m. at the Knoxville Coliseum Ball Room. Please attend the meetings as you will be placed in direct contact with representatives of various City services to assist with your event.
• There is a non-refundable reservation fee for Market Square and Krutch Park Extension venues; $500 for non-profit organizations and $700 for all others.
• Special Events Applications must be submitted to the Office of Special Events at least 90 days prior to the event.
• All service requests must be received 30 days before event date. If event needs are not submitted by the 30 day time line, the city will NOT be able to assist with your event.
• All events on Market Square utilizing amplified sound are required to use City's sound system and the City's contracted sound engineer at a rate of $800 for the first 6 hours per day plus $100/hr after the first 6 hours.
• All events are required to submit a Crisis Management Emergency Plan.
Please fill out the following information for us to contact you with any questions.
Contact Name

Contact Email Address

Contact Phone Number

Contact Cell Phone Number

Contact Address

Contact Zip Code
The following information will be used to list your event on the City's Event Calendar
Event Name

Event Date

Event Location

Event Time

Event Website

Event Presenting Organization
Date & Time of Set-Up

Date & Time of Teardown
City Services Needed for Event. Choose all that apply.
Ambulance / EMS
Fire Prevention Bureau (fireworks, tent inspections)
KPD (parades, traffic issues, etc.)
Public Service (power, lighting, trash barrels, etc.)
Traffic Engineering (barriers, meter bagging)
Additional Forms Needed. Choose all that apply.
Alcohol Permit
Animal Permit
Parade Permit
Banner Request Permit (Banner Request Form must be filled out and returned to Special Events 30 days before event)
Road Race Permit (Road Race Form must be filled out and returned to Special Events 45 days before event)
Street Closure Permit (Temporary Traffic Control Permit needs to be completed and returned to Engineering)
• Insurance **   • Portable Toilets   • Site Map w/ Power Requirements
• Security   • Sound System   • Tables/Chairs   • Tents
**INSURANCE is REQUIRED for any event on City of Knoxville property.
Please list the name, date and location of your event on the Certificate of Insurance; listing the City of Knoxville as the additional insured and include the endorsement. Insurance amounts can be found on the Insurance Requirements for Special Events document.
Event Description
Please provide us with the information listed below regarding your event. Once this is complete you can return it to the address listed above.
Will your event have music? *(All sound must be turned off by 10:00 p.m., no amplified sound M-F before 4pm)

Will the music be provided by a DJ or band(s)?

*As noted above, if your event is on Market Square and will utilize amplified sound you are required to use the City's sound
system and contracted sound engineer. Please fill out the Sound System Application form, in addition to this application.
Will your event have vendors?

Will your vendors need access to power? * (Please notify your vendors that they are responsible for their own extension cords)

What time will your vendors be setting up?

Will there be food vendors? * (Electrical needs must be turned into Special Events 1 week prior to event)
Will you have tents at your event?

Who is providing the tents? * (Nothing can be staked in Market Square, Krutch Park or Krutch Park Ext.)

When will the tents be erected?

When will the tents be removed?
How many Port-a-lets will be on site?

Where will you be placing the port-a-lets?
Will your event have a bounce house and/or other rentals for entertainment?

If so, what rentals will you have and where will it/they be placed?

* (Inflatables cannot be placed on the grass in Market Square, Krutch Park & Krutch Park Ext.)
Approximately what time will the rentals arrive?
Will you be selling alcohol at your event?

Have you applied for a beer/alcohol permit?
Have you hired Knoxville Police to be on site? (KPD is required at events with alcohol & any road closures)

Who did you contact to hire KPD for the event?

How many officers will be on site?
Have you hired EMS to be on site?
Will you be closing any roads?
Will animals be involved in your event? (Animal exhibition permit required)
Do you have any special requests for your event?
* My signature below indicates my knowledge of the rules contained in the City of Knoxville Special EventGuide, that I have authority to legally bind any organization I represent with regard to this Application, and that I/my organization agree(s) to comply with said rules.