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FeedbackThe City of Knoxville took a multi-pronged approach with gathering community input. In February 2022, Mayor Indya Kincannon convened the Vision Zero Steering Committee. Members of that committee learned about the history of the City’s safety plans and processes, and identified an extended network of essential stakeholders. City staff conducted interviews with members of these organizations to learn about past and future initiatives and blind spots. The committee also reviewed the Vision Zero planning process as it developed over a year and a half.

The City of Knoxville went into communities to talk about the Vision Zero approach, gather additional information about traffic safety priorities, and conduct surveys in the spring of 2023. Staff spoke with community groups about perceptions of safety and potential problem areas in their communities. A team with Bike Walk Knoxville worked with the City team to provide on-the-street “intercept” surveys in and around the high-injury network. The team from Bike Walk Knoxville visited community centers, bus stops, and public events to engage with residents.

Key themes of community feedback:
  • People feel safest in their cars, and most people do not feel safe walking or biking. This is often due to missing or inadequate walking and biking facilities, such as unprotected bike lanes, unsafe crosswalks, or sidewalks in poor condition.
  • People drive too fast, and there is not enough enforcement to address this issue.
  • There are barriers to accessibility, such as sidewalk gaps and obstructions.
  • People support expanded education on the rules of the road, and desire more transparent information on safety planning efforts.
  • Residents highlighted unique safety concerns for vulnerable populations, such as elderly and young residents, unhoused individuals, and people with disabilities. Concerns included lack of visibility, hazardous conditions, and accessibility concerns. 
  Most-mentioned locations of concern:
    • N Broadway
    • Magnolia Avenue
    • Kingston Pike
    • Chapman Highway
    • James White Parkway
    • N Central Street & S Central Street
    • Neyland Drive
    • Sutherland Avenue
    • Cumberland Avenue
    • Summit Hill Drive
    • Western Avenue