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Posted solicitations are separated into two generalized categories:

Sealed Submissions   |   Request for Quotes


Solicitations for purchases of $50,000 or more require sealed submissions from vendors. These solicitations can be posted as Invitations to Bid, Requests for Letters of Interest, Requests for Proposals, or Requests for Qualifications. Detailed instructions for submitting responses are outlined in the body of each solicitation posted. Please pay close attention to these instructions to avoid rejection of your submission. E-mail submissions are NOT accepted for these solicitations.


Requests for Quotes are posted online for purchases between $12,500 and $50,000. These purchases do not require sealed submissions. Quoted pricing can be emailed or faxed. Additional instructions can be found in the body of each Request for Quotes. Please refer to the posted documents for specific instructions and specifications.


Vendors must be registered with the City in order to respond to solicitations. Quotes, bids, qualifications, or proposals submitted by businesses that are not registered with the City may be rejected. While every effort is made to ensure that registered vendors receive email notifications of solicitations when posted to the website, the City cannot guarantee receipt of these notifications. Additionally, vendors will not receive automatic email notification when an addendum is posted. Vendors are responsible for checking the website for posted addenda and must respond to all additions and alterations specified. Vendor registration can be completed online.

Vendor Registration

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