Implementation Overview


Vasu Primlani [email protected]
(865) 215-2141

400 Main St., Room 598
Knoxville, TN 37902

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The City has contracted with Siemens to provide turn-key design and installation services for the LED project. The scope of work for the contract will include three phases, summarized below. Full descriptions may be found in the RFP.

1. Phase One: Project Development
a. Review and Update Streetlight Inventory
b. Complete Photometric Analysis
c. Assess Rebate Eligibility & Billing
d. Develop Initial Replacement Plan
e. Test Deployment for Stakeholder Input
f. Confirm Replacement Plan
g. Secure All Necessary Approvals

2. Phase Two: Project Implementation
a. Purchase Materials/Manage Deliveries
b. Community Outreach/Awareness
c. Obtain Traffic Control Permits
d. Installation of New Lights
e. Removal and Disposal of Old Lights
f. Inspect Work/Correct Punch List
g. Test Lights
h. Recommend Clean Schedule
i. Provide 1-800 Telephone/Online Input Options
j. Ensure Data Compatibility

3. Phase Three: Project Completion
a. Produce Final Project Reporting
b. Process/Receive Applicable Rebates
c. Reconcile Ongoing Billing
d. Provide As Built Documents
e. Provide 1-800 Telephone/Online Input Options

Phase 1 for the project will begin in 2017.