Board of Environmental Appeals

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The Board of Environmental Appeals allows any person who receives a civil penalty and/or remediation assessment from the Department of Engineering to appeal the action. The appeal must be made in writing and filed with the City's Law Department within 30 days after the civil penalty and/or remediation assessment has been issued. Upon receipt of an appeal, the BEA shall hold a public hearing within 60 days or as agreed upon.

The meeting time, date, and location shall be published in a daily newspaper 10 days prior, and shall also be delivered to the aggrieved party. In addition, the Rules of Procedure are also mailed to the aggrieved party. 

For additional information about civil penalties or assessed damages resulting from enforcement of the Stormwater and Street Ordinance, please view Rules of Procedure or contact:

David McGinley
Stormwater Engineering Division

Room 480, City County Building
[email protected]


The five members are appointed by Mayor and confirmed by City Council to serve five year terms. One member must be a professional engineer. One member must be an architect, engineer or surveyor. One member must be a representative of the development or industrial community. One member must be a neighborhood representative. One member must be an at-large member. Chairperson is chosen annually by the committee.


Board meets monthly on the second Thursday at 9 a.m. in the Small Assembly Room in the City County Building as needed.

Click here to view current board membership and to check for opportunities to serve on this board.