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Civil Service Director

Vicki Hatfield
[email protected]
(865) 215-2106

400 Main St., Suite 569
Knoxville, TN 37902

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The Careers home page has several tools that you can use:

 1. Job Search - searches the list of posted jobs

 2. My Saved Jobs - saves job postings you select

 3. My Saved Searches - saves job searches that you are interested in using again in the future. The system will email you when jobs become open that meet your search criteria.

 4. My Career Tools - shows your applications, allows you to upload and view resumes and other attachments, allows you to edit your profile, and gives you access to in-process or previously submitted applications.

 5. Notifications - shows you messages from the City regarding employment, testing, and applications.

 6. Select - lets you choose the check boxes for jobs you wish to save and/or apply for.

 7. Save Selected Jobs - lets you save selected jobs for future reference.

 8. Apply for Selected Jobs - lets you begin the application process for selected jobs. 

More information:

For more detailed information, you may access the User Manual in PDF format here.