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Disparity Study FY 2017-2021City of Knoxville

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  About the Study
Background Info
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Project Team
The project team for the 2022 City of Knoxville Disparity Study includes 4 firms that possess expertise directly relevant to conducting the study in a manner that meets the highest industry and legal standards.

Miller³ Consulting (M³ Consulting), prime consultant and minority-owned firm based in Atlanta.

Two firms—Southern Solutions and Leroy Thompson Consultants—are Women and Minority-owned businesses based in Knoxville.

Q & A Research—a national Hispanic-owned market research firm based in California that has previously worked with M3 Consulting on multiple disparity study efforts across the country.

Primary Contacts

Sherry Williams
Project Manager, Miller3 Consulting, Inc.
[email protected]

Dave Miller
CEO & Data Manager, Miller3 Consulting, Inc.
[email protected]

Larry Scott
Assistant Project Manager, Miller3 Consulting, Inc.
[email protected]

About the Project Team

M³ Consulting, successor firm to D.J. Miller & Associates, Inc., is a 2nd generation, minority-owned firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. M3 Consulting conducted the very first disparity study in the United States for Hillsborough County, Florida in 1988, which correctly anticipated the direction of the U.S. Supreme Court. Since then, M3 Consulting has remained on the cutting edge, creating industry-adopted methodologies, and going on to conduct over 140 disparity studies across the country on the local, state and federal level. Known as the “creators” of the disparity study industry, M3 Consulting has over 35 years of experience in inclusive policy initiatives, disparity study analysis and minority/women owned business enterprise (M/WBE) program design and development. The firm has conducted disparity studies in 9 of the 11 judicial circuits and engaged in litigation in 5 of the 11 judicial circuits, including the most conservative circuits: 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 11th.

The firm is proud of the fact that:
• NO M3  Consulting study has ever been overturned
• NO M3  Consulting study has been challenged since 1997

For more information about M3 Consulting, please visit www.Miller3Group.com.

Local partners

Southern Solutions

Southern Solutions Market Research has over 22 years of marketing research experience specializing in nationwide recruiting and data collection. From pencil and paper surveys, customized online surveys, to turn-key focus groups anywhere you need them, they have conducted all types of research. Their experienced team of Project Managers is made up of former facility managers that have been through every aspect of the data collection process. 

As part of the M³ Consulting team, Southern Solutions will provide support on data collection and anecdotal research

Leroy Thompson Consultants

LeRoy Thompson Consultants is a premier resource for public and private development strategies, based in Tennessee and with vast networks and relationships coast to coast. LeRoy Thompson Consultant’s breadth of experience in commercial development and construction projects, public and private economic and social development initiatives, and civic and business relationships make us uniquely qualified to serve as a supporting resource and partner for a variety of needs that require informed decisions to achieve tailored results- tailored results to meet your very unique situation.

As part of the M3  Consulting team, Leroy Thompson Consultants will provide support on race neutral analysis and anecdotal research.

Q & A Research

Q & A Research, Inc. is a full-service quantitative and qualitative marketing research provider, but also operates Q & A Focus Suites (a chain of focus group facilities), as well as Hispanic Perspectives (a division of the company dedicated to Hispanic research). Q & A Research opened its doors in 1991 and within a few short years became among the top 100 fastest growing firms in the Bay Area twice, as reported by the San Francisco Business Times. The company now has three locations across the country and employs over 120 employees.

As part of the M3  Consulting team, Q & A Research will provide survey administration support.

For more information about Q & A Research, please visit www.QAR.com.