Affordable Rental Development Program

Housing and Neighborhood Development Director

Becky Wade
[email protected]
(865) 215-2865

400 Main St., Room 532
Knoxville, TN 37902

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The City of Knoxville has established an affordable rental development fund in the initial amount of $2 million for the creation of new affordable and workforce rental housing.

This fund is in response to the need for standard rental units that are affordable to low and moderate income renters.

Knoxville has lost hundreds of affordable units over the last few years and at the same time, market rents have been steadily climbing.

In an effort to increase the supply and long-term availability of rental housing options for persons with modest incomes, this fund has been created to incentivize the development of quality affordable rental housing. 

Properties assisted with funding through the Affordable Rental Development Fund:

Southside Flats – 172 units (complete)
2727 Ft. Stanley Way, Knoxville 37920

Young High Flats – 156 units (complete)
111 East Young High Pike, Knoxville 37920
Restoration House – 30 units (complete)
2205 Village Place Way, Knoxville 37923

Flats at Pond Gap – 102 units (complete)
817 Hollywood Road, Knoxville 37919

Moss Grove Flats – 192 units (under construction)
834 Sapling Grove Way, Knoxville 37922

Middlebrook Gardens – 10 units (complete)
3720 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville 37921

Cottages at Clifton Rd – 53 units (complete)
Clifton Road, Knoxville 37921
Mineral Springs Apartments – 50 units (under construction)
2704 Mineral Springs Avenue, Knoxville 37917

Inskip Flats - 66 units (construction to start in 2022)
4755 Romeo Way, Knoxville 37912
Village at Holston Court – 24 units (complete)
123 Holston Village Way, Knoxville 37914

Burlington Commons – 49 units (under construction)
4530 Holston Drive, Knoxville 37914

Caswell Manor - 48 units (construction to start in 2021)
1501 East Fifth Avenue, Knoxville 3797

Dogan-Gaither Flats - 16 units (under construction)
211 Jessamine Street, Knoxville 37917

Affordable Rental Development Guidelines [PDF]

Affordable Rental Development Fund Application [PDF]