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Click here for Financial Facts FlyerDid You Know?

*The City’s tax rate is 27 cents lower than it was 5 years ago, and nearly the lowest it’s been in more than 30 years (View Chart A).

* The City’s current debt obligation is over 30% lower than it was 20 years ago (View Chart B).

* In 2020, the City issued building permits for projects with a total value of $697M.

* The number of building permits issued for projects in the City valued at over $1M has grown over 400% in a decade (View Chart C).

* View City Financial Facts at a Glance: Tax Rates, Debt and Building Permits - Click Here

Click here to view the letters from the State of Tennessee regarding the Water System Revenue Refunding Bonds [PDF]
Purchasing Division

Property Tax Office

Business License/Tax Office

Email Property or Business Tax questions to
[email protected]noxvilletn.gov

The Finance Department oversees the security and management of the city's financial and property interests including the collection of both property and business taxes.

The Management and Budget Division helps the mayor to prepare, implement and monitor the city's annual capital and operating budgets.

Most products and services used by city employees are procured through the Purchasing Division. If you are interested in doing business with the city, call this division to learn how to participate in the city's competitive bid process.

The Purchasing Department also handles all surplus equipment sales as well as the sale of all confiscated and impounded vehicles from the city's impoundment area.  Call the Purchasing Division at 865-215-2070 for the time and date of the next public vehicle auction.