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SERVICE AREAS: Central | South | East | North | West

All Zones Map West North East Central South

The City of Knoxville's Public Service Department is divided into 5 areas. Each area delivers all citizens' public services on pre-determined scheduled routes. The goal of this decentralized structure is for each area to be 100% self-sufficient and provide faster and better services to the areas they serve.

Each area is responsible for all brush & leaf removal, street sweeping, right-of way mowing, snow removal, etc. for their designed area.

Each area is also equipped with the same type of equipment:

• Knuckleboom trucks for brush removal
• Leaf Machines for leaf removal
• Salt Spreaders
• Street Sweeper
• Right of Way Mower

In addition to the routine services provided, the Public Service Central area's responsibilities include special events, trash pickup for downtown, and a night-shift crew.