Mayor's Youth Council Application Form

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Mayor's Youth Council
Mayor's Youth Council Application

Students in grades 8th thru 11th can apply. Students must be residents of the City of Knoxville.
Applications will be accepted until April 30, 2024. Term will begin in August.
Full Name
Preferred Name
Email Address
Date of Birth
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   Prefer Not to Say
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Home Phone #
Cell or Alternate Phone # (if available)
Preferred Method of Contact
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What times are you (student) available to be contacted?
Morning    Noon    Evenings
Name of School
Guardian Name

Guardian Relationship to Applicant

Guardian Contact Number

Guardian Email Address
Student Emergency Contact Name

Student Emergency Contact Number
What community and social justice issues are you passionate about?
Why do you think Youth Civic Engagement is important?
Are you involved in extracurricular activities or volunteering?     Yes    No
If yes, please describe:
How did you hear about the the Mayor's Youth Council?
You must also submit 2 letters of recommendation with your application. These recommendation letters should come from someone (other than your parents) who can attest to your work ethic, your academic accomplishments, your involvement in the community, and volunteering. You must submit the letters of recommendation by the application deadline.

You can send recommendation letters to Emily Norris at [email protected].
I give my child permission to participate in the Empower Knox Mayor's Youth Council and for the City of Knoxville to take photos that may be used in the media.
Guardian Consent
Applicant Signature

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