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Over the past decade, the Office of Sustainability has installed public chargers for electric vehicles (EVs) across the City in popular locations such as parks, event venues, and parking garages. We collaborate with nonprofit organizations like Drive Electric Tennessee and the Knoxville EV Association to make sure the concerns of drivers are heard, and work with charging companies to leverage private funding for public infrastructure.

Today, drivers can access approximately 50 public and private charging stations across Knoxville. However, we know that some areas of the City are still far behind others. In addition to lacking adequate charging, many of these areas also face additional barriers that might keep drivers from considering electric vehicles. For example, lack of off-street parking means that drivers don’t have the convenience of charging in their own garage or driveway. 

To ensure that public services are distributed throughout the community, Sustainability developed two new tools in 2022: a public survey and a location suitability map. We'll use findings from both tools to inform how we deploy EV chargers throughout Knoxville.

EV Charging Site Public Survey (English | Español)
Collecting community feedback to identify gaps

Public SurveyThe Office of Sustainability is changing the way we deploy EV chargers throughout the community – and we want your input.

We've developed a new survey tool to gather feedback from the public on where you think EV chargers should go. 

The survey shows the locations of active chargers (both public and private), and allows users to place a 'pin' where they'd like to see new or additional charging service.

If you know a general area or specific site that you think should have charging, let us know:

  1. Open the survey
  2. Click the map or search an address to place a pin
  3. Answer a few questions
  4. Submit

EV Charging Site Suitability Map (view online)
Using data to map access and impact

With the help of Knox Planning, we've built an innovative new mapping tool that uses data to proactively identify and measure gaps.

This tool measures overall suitability for EV charging stations by compiling multiple datasets, including:

• Population density
• Housing density
• Car ownership
• Traffic
• Employment density
• Community points of interest (such as event venues, shopping malls, and community centers)
• Economic factors (such as opportunity zones)
• Environmental justice factors (such as air quality and health hazards)

Using this tool, we're better equipped to identify underserved areas and plan future investment.

Public EV Chargers

The City is proud to provide public infrastructure to help accelerate the decarbonization of our transportation sector.

To support our fleet and private drivers, the City offers 36 Level 2 EV charging ports at 13 sites throughout the City. We offer these chargers to the public for free use, so drivers can charge their vehicle at no cost while enjoying a public park, shopping or dining, or attending an event.

The City's public EV chargers are mapped below. Hours of access depend on site, but many are available 24/7.

City Charger Locations (updated 12/5/23)

• Burlington
• Caswell Park
• Civic Auditorium / Coliseum Parking Garage
• Ijams Nature Center
• Lakeshore Park
• Locust St. Parking Garage
• Market Square Parking Garage
• Morningside Park
• Public Works Service Center
• Sequoyah Park
• State Street Parking Garage
• Victor Ashe Park
• West Hills Park

Find A Charger

EV drivers can locate City-owned chargers and more by using the DOE Alternative Fuels Data Center or other popular platforms such as PlugShare and ChargeHub.