Technical Specifications

Engineering Director

Thomas V. Clabo, P.E.
[email protected]
(865) 215-2148

400 Main St., Suite 475
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Note 1: The City of Knoxville (COK) technical specifications are maintained by the Civil Engineering Division, Public Works Service Center, 3131 Morris Ave., Knoxville TN 37909. These technical specifications are used for all projects that are constructed or bid by the City of Knoxville, and as a minimum standard for street and drainage construction for private development.

Note 2: The City of Knoxville does not accept responsibility for potential misuse of these specifications, other than explicitly described in city bidding documents or as part of city construction contracts. For city bidding documents and contracts, the technical specifications are further modified by General Conditions, Special Conditions and the construction drawings.

Note 3: TDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, a primary reference for some specifications, can be purchased from TDOT for a minimal cost or downloaded from the TDOT website.

Note 4: Please contact the Civil Engineering Division with written comments or questions. Be specific concerning the page number and location. Comments may also be e-mailed to [email protected].

COK Tech Specs [PDF] All specifications together in one PDF file.
File name Rev. Date COK Technical Specifications
TS-TOC [PDF] 2022 Table of Contents
TS-01 [PDF] 2013 Mobilization of Forces, Supplies and Equipment
TS-02 [PDF] 2013 Clearing and Grubbing
TS-03 [PDF] 2013 Removal of Structures and Obstructions
TS-04 [PDF] 2013 Grading
TS-05 [PDF] 2022 Mineral Aggregate Base
TS-06 [PDF] 2022 Prime Coat
TS-07 [PDF] 2022 Tack Coat
TS-08 [PDF] 2022 Bituminous Plant Mix Seal Coat
TS-09 [PDF] 2022 Bituminous Plant Mix Base
TS-10 [PDF] 2022 Asphaltic Concrete Surface
TS-11 [PDF] 2022 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (Plain)
TS-12 [PDF] 2022 Concrete Curb, Gutter, and Combined Curb & Gutter
TS-13 [PDF] 2022 Concrete Sidewalks, Driveways, and Median Strip
TS-14 [PDF] 2022 Flowable Fill Material (Flowable Mortar)
TS-15 [PDF] 2022 Concrete
TS-16 [PDF] 2022 Concrete Masonry Units
TS-17 [PDF] 2013 Waterproofing
TS-18 [PDF] 2022 Mineral Aggregate Trail Base and Surface
TS-20 [PDF] 2022 Storm Sewers and Pipe Culverts
TS-21 [PDF] 2013 Underdrains
TS-22 [PDF] 2013 Manholes, Catch Basins, Inlets and Junction Boxes
TS-23 [PDF] 2013 Adjusting Storm Sewer Frames
TS-25 [PDF] 2013 Rip Rap
TS-26 [PDF] 2013 Topsoil
TS-27 [PDF] 2022 Seeding
TS-28 [PDF] 2021 Sodding
TS-29 [PDF] 2013 Landscape Development, General
TS-30 [PDF] 2013 Trees
TS-31 [PDF] 2013 Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control
TS-32 [PDF] 2013 Chain Link Fence
TS-33 [PDF] 2022 Guardrail
TS-34 [PDF] 2022 Construction Area Traffic Control
TS-35 [PDF] 2022 Electrical Equipment, Wiring and Installation
TS-36 [PDF] 2013 Geotextiles
TS-37 [PDF] 2013 Reworking/Resurfacing Existing Asphalt Pavements
TS-38 [PDF] 2013 Milling/Grinding of Asphaltic Concrete From Streets
TS-39 [PDF] 2022 Pavement Markings and Temporary Paint
TS-40 [PDF] 2022 Retroreflective Preformed Pavement Markings
TS-41 [PDF] 2022 Painted Pavement Marking
TS-42 [PDF] 2022 Concrete Ditch
TS-45 [PDF] 2022 Gabion
TS-50 [PDF] 2013 Bollards
TS-51 [PDF] 2013 Linked Chain
TS-52 [PDF] 2022 Fog Seal
TS-53 [PDF] 2022 Coal Tar Sealcoat
TS-54 [PDF] 2022 Hot-Poured Joint and Crack Sealants For Pavements
TS-55 [PDF] 2013 Field Drains
TS-56 [PDF] 2022 Timber Structures
TS-57 [PDF] 2013 Wire Mesh Mattresses
TS-58 [PDF] 2013 Adjusting Manholes
TS-59 [PDF] 2013 Adjusting Valve Boxes
TS-60 [PDF] 2013 Chain Link Cantilever Slide Gates
TS-61 [PDF] 2013 Boring and Casing for Storm Sewers
TS-63 [PDF] 2022 Signage
TS-64 [PDF] 2022 Painting of Bridge Deck Drainage System
TS-65 [PDF] 2013 Cleaning Concrete Surfaces
TS-66 [PDF] 2013 Simulated Stone Surfaces
TS-67 [PDF] 2013 Micropile Construction
TS-68 [PDF] 2013 Permanent Soil Nails and Wall Excavation
TS-69 [PDF] 2013 Permanent Shotcrete Facing & Wall Drainage
TS-71 [PDF]  2022 Recycled Asphalt Shingles