Transportation and Development


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400 Main St., Room 598
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Complete Street in Knoxville
Complete Streets incorporate alternative transit such as bike lanes and pedestrian crosswalks

The City works to provide a walkable, livable community where residents can easily access the services and amenities they need. To that end, we follow best practices to integrate transportation into our development.

Complete Streets 

“Complete Streets” are roads that are designed and operated to enable safe access for users of all ages, abilities, and modes of transportation, including pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation riders, and motor vehicle drivers. Complete Street design can result in more livable and walkable neighborhoods, improved mobility, cleaner air, improved health, reduced traffic congestion, and more efficient use of road space and natural resources. 

In 2014, Knoxville City Council approved a Complete Streets ordinance, formalizing our long-standing commitment to advancing alternative transit. 

Transit-Oriented Development 

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a type of community development that integrates a mixture of housing, office, retail, and/or other amenities into a walkable neighborhood, all located within a half-mile of quality public transportation. 

In 2015, the City hosted representatives from Smart Growth America to learn about transit-oriented development. The public presentation is available here.