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The City of Knoxville's zoning ordinance helps protect property values by preventing the location of incompatible uses in close proximity to one another. Zoning regulations also help maintain the character of established neighborhoods and prevent inappropriate activities, such as auto repair businesses in residential areas. The ordinance regulates the location, height, bulk, number of stories, percentage of lot coverage, setbacks, open spaces, population density and the uses of all buildings, structures and land within the city limits.

Article 1. Title, Purpose, & Applicability
Article 2. General Definitions & Measurement Methodologies
Article 3. Zoning Districts & Zoning Map
Article 4. Residential Neighborhood Districts
Article 5. Commercial & Office Districts
Article 6. Industrial Districts
Article 7. Form-Based Code Districts
Article 8. Special Purpose & Overlay Districts
Article 9. Uses
Article 10. Site Development Standards
Article 11. Off-Street Parking
Article 12. Landscape
Article 13. Signs
Article 14. Code Administrators
Article 15. Application Process
Article 16. Zoning Applications
Article 17. Nonconformities
Article 18. Enforcement

What is my property zoned?

To find out what a property is zoned visit KGIS Maps and enter in an address. Click the Maps tab in top left of the KGIS webpage. Then click the drop-down icon beside Planning and Zoning Maps. Select the Zoning layer.

Form Based Code Districts

Form Districts are intended to foster a series of mixed use, pedestrian-friendly districts for specific areas of the City. The City of Knoxville has two Form Districts which are the Cumberland Avenue Zoning District and the South Waterfront Zoning District.