Committees and Responsibilities

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Note: The Urban Forester and the Board Chair are standing members of all committees with the exception that the Board Chair cannot be a member of the Nominating Committee.

Education and Community Action Committee

Responsible for community activities and events, media relations, identifying grant opportunities, and increasing public awareness of the Tree Board.  Also responsible for planning all activities related to the annual Arbor Day event. A subcommittee will be annually formed to plan for Arbor Day.

Policy and Planning Committee

Responsible for recommending changes to the By-Laws, preparing recommendations for City Council and Urban Forester, preparing annual updates with the cooperation of the Urban Forester for City Council, and long-term planning.

Nominating Committee

Responsible for recommending nominations for Tree Board members and officers.

Urban Canopy Committee

Ad Hoc committee to be formed as need. Responsible for compiling species planting and spacing requirements, support and maintenance of the urban forestry plan, assisting the City with the management of the urban forest, working with entities that prune on public property, and providing arboriculture expertise.