Commercial Recycling & Garbage Services

Report trash, recycling or cart issues to (865) 215-4311 or [email protected]

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The City of Knoxville provides garbage and recycling services primarily to residents. However, if your business, church, or nonprofit is within the City limits, produces minimal waste, and is able to meet the following guidelines, you may wish to sign up for our Small Commercial Garbage and Recycling Program.

A portion of residential taxes cover waste services, however, commercial taxes do not. Therefore businesses are responsible for paying for their own waste services, whether from the City or from a private hauler.

For $100 per quarter we provide:
  • Weekly collection of only the contents of one 95-gallon, City-issued garbage cart

  • Every-other weekly collection of the recyclable contents of one 95-gallon, City-issued recycling cart (optional)  
 The City of Knoxville does not offer any of the following:
  • no commercial dumpster services
  • no supplemental trash/recycling services for those who already utilize a private waste company
  • no recycling only services
  • no trash/recycling services for residences with 5 or more units on a single parcel


    • Carts must be brought within one foot of the curb or white edge road line by 7 a.m. on day of collection. Waste Connections is required to remain on City-maintained roads and cannot pull into any parking lots or onto private property.
    • Wheels of the cart must face your business; cart lid should open toward the street.
    • Cart lid must be closed with no additional trash piled on top. No overflow trash will be collected.
    • Carts should be at least 3 feet from any vehicle, utility pole, mailbox, other trash/recycling cart, or any other obstacle. This allows the automated arm to grab the cart without risking property damage.
    • Carts should not block traffic, mail service, sidewalks, or cause any safety issues.
    • Empty carts must be retrieved from the curb by 9 p.m. on your pick up day. Carts must be placed back behind the front building line.

    To sign up for these services please click the "Create an Account" button above. Our office will communicate with the email provided on your account once Waste Connections has routed your business for collection.