KAT Route 34 Burlington on Detour starting August 28. 2023

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KAT Route 34 Burlington on Detour starting August 28. 2023

Posted: 08/21/2023
KAT Route 34 – Burlington will be on a long-term detour due to on time performance-related issues effective Monday, August 28, 2023.

The route will no longer serve Harriet Tubman Street, including First Creek at Austin, The Family Justice Center, and The Change Center.

However, this area will still be served by Route 12 – Western Avenue. 

In addition, service is available from nearby Routes 30 – Washington Avenue, Route 31-Magnolia, and Route 33- MLK 

The Route 34 had to initially detour due to street changes for the First Creek at Austin development, making the bus travel farther than previously scheduled and causing on-time performance issues. 

Because the affected area contains other service options, the Knoxville Transportation Authority approved this change as a new demonstration detour. 

If no significant negative impacts are determined, the route could become permanent until the system-wide changes of KAT Reimagined, scheduled for August 2024.

Route 34 map