K-Town Connect Ambassador Program Expands

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Kristin Farley
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400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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K-Town Connect Ambassador Program Expands

Posted: 09/28/2023
Visit Knoxville announced Sept. 28, 2023,  the extension of the hospitality ambassador program, K-Town Connect.

Originally established in downtown Knoxville, K-Town Connect will expand its reach to include Cumberland Avenue and the University of Tennessee starting Oct. 2, 2023. This program is being managed and served by Block by Block, the nation’s leading provider of safety, cleaning, and hospitality services for Central Business Improvement Districts.

“We have seen the positive representation of our destination throughout the downtown area with the K-Town Connect ambassadors,” said Kim Bumpas, President of Visit Knoxville. “The success of the program will be amplified by this extension, helping locals and visitors alike to experience a friendly, clean, and safe campus and beyond.”

Since its inception on April 15, 2022, K-Town Connect has become synonymous with a helping hand in downtown Knoxville. Their welcoming team has been responsible for being a face of hospitality and providing information to the public, discouraging solicitation and other prohibited behaviors, interacting with local businesses to provide and receive information relevant to safety and hospitality, and managing social service outreach and referrals.

Between April 15, 2022 and Sept 1, 2023, Ambassadors have accomplished the following throughout downtown Knoxville:

6,408 Business contacts – This is an interaction between Ambassadors and businesses within the district for establishing continuous communication channels. 

47,377 Hospitality Assistance –This is an Ambassador’s one-on-one interaction with a person(s) to aid in completing a task. This includes, but is not limited to, helping understand parking meters, providing requested feedback for things to do downtown, opening a door for someone whose hands are full, etc. 

8,899 Scooter Relocation – Scooters often are parked on the sidewalk blocking pedestrians; Ambassadors simply pick up and relocate the scooters to a location not blocking pedestrian walk paths. 

44,279 Litter Collection – Ambassadors naturally pick up larger litter items when completing their walk paths around the district. 

This program will be a key benefit for both incoming and current students and their families, University employees and visitors, as well as businesses in the Cumberland Avenue corridor. K-Town Connect will extend their presence in these areas, a friendly team dedicated to making Knoxville a great place to be.

“We appreciate Visit Knoxville and all of the K-Town Connect partners for coming together on this program extension,” said Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon. “We are looking forward to continuing our progress of keeping Knoxville welcoming, safe, and accessible for residents, visitors, and students as well.”

“The students and businesses of the University of Tennessee and Cumberland Avenue are important to the fabric of our community, and programs like this one show we care as much about their quality of life as those in the far reaches of the county,” said Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs.
“K-Town ambassadors have been a great asset to our community and have helped create a welcoming environment for visitors and residents alike,” said UT Chancellor Donde Plowman. “We are thrilled to partner with the city and Visit Knoxville to expand this program to areas around our campus.”

For more information, visit visitknoxville.com and follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Block by Block is the nation’s largest provider of street level services to improvement districts and community organizations. Block by Block provides safety, cleaning, landscaping, hospitality and social outreach services to over 140 unique organizations nationwide, including the Memphis Medical District, the Nashville Downtown Partnership, and the Downtown Chattanooga Alliance in Tennessee. To learn more, visit www.blockbyblock.com.