KUB Shares Tips to Save Money and Keep Cool

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KUB Shares Tips to Save Money and Keep Cool

Posted: 06/28/2023
Energy saving tip - set thermostat at current temperature outsideAs hotter weather arrives in East Tennessee, KUB wants customers to know how to manage their utility usage and stay cool.

The following tips can help save money and reduce excessive use of utilities in preparation for rising temperatures.

• Set thermostats as high as comfortably possible. KUB recommends a setting of 78 in the summer. Each degree of change can save approximately 3 percent on a heating or cooling bill.

• Service HVAC units and change filters per manufacturer recommendations.

• Don’t cool an empty home. Adjust thermostats a few degrees when away from home. Smart and programmable thermostats can also schedule cooling while people are home.

• Use fans to assist in cooling.

• Close blinds and curtains during the day on east- and west-facing windows to help prevent the sun from warming the inside of your home.

• Use appliances such as washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers during non-peak hours, like after sunset, and use them with full loads. Avoid operating stoves during the warmest parts of the day.

• Set washing machines to use cold water cycles.

• Turn off unnecessary lights in your home, as well as decorative or accent lighting around your home.

• Water lawns in the morning or late evening, instead of the hottest part of the day. Water lawns no more than twice a week.

Raise the blade on your lawn mower to at least three inches. Closely cut grass makes the roots work harder and requires more water.

KUB works to promote sustainability in all facets of its operation, while supporting and providing programs for its customers to do the same. For more energy saving tips, click here.

Learn more about KUB at www.KUB.org.