Major Presented with Community Service Award

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Major Presented with Community Service Award

Posted: 05/01/2019
Sgt MajorOn Wednesday, May 1, 2019, Mayor Madeline Rogero and Police Chief Eve Thomas presented Sgt. Phil Major with a Community Service Award.

Sgt. Phil Major received the Community Service Award for his extensive efforts in coordinating and supervising the 2018 Knox County Safety Patrol trip to Washington D.C.  Planning and coordination for an event of this magnitude takes months. During this time, Sgt. Major held several meetings to assure that officers were aware of the extensive guidelines to properly prepare for any contingency, and most importantly, to ensure that the safety of the students was paramount. Sgt. Major’s hard work and attention to detail laid the platform for a highly successful trip, as evidenced by the positive feedback received from parents, faculty, and representatives of Go Student Tours. 

Lisa Scalzo, a liaison and representative from Go Student Tours, wrote that Sgt. Major was vital to the success of the Safety Patrol trip by using his knowledge and expertise in planning the movements of such a large group of students.  Ms. Scalzo mentioned that Sgt. Major planned locations for the KPD officers to provide coverage to the groups as they move throughout their tour, and he kept officers informed of the strategy and plan of each move, which aided in a flawless tour; she also praised Sgt. Major’s ability to adapt to last minute changes in the pre-planned itinerary and his commitment to make sure the officers were well informed and prepared.

Sgt. Major is commended and recognized for his efforts that go well beyond his normal duties. His efforts demonstrate his competence as a leader in our department and also his commitment and dedication to the children of Knox County, by providing them with a safe and enjoyable experience.