KPD Honors Officers, Employees


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KPD Honors Officers, Employees

Posted: 08/29/2019
The Knoxville Police Department honored two individuals as April Employees of the Month, two units with April Unit Commendations and two officers with April Officers of the Month during a news conference on Thursday afternoon.


Becky Kreisa and Diane Lewis were both recognized as the April Employees of the Month for their combined efforts in coordinating the composite KPD employee photoshoot.

Kreisa, the Chief’s Office Principal Secretary, arranged nearly every aspect of the shoot, including scheduling and communication with the vendor.

Diane Lewis, the Patrol Division Principal Secretary, voluntarily worked to ensure that all 273 members of the Patrol Division had their picture taken while communicating with the photographers, supervisors and Patrol personnel to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. 

Due to the tireless efforts of Kreisa and Lewis, it was by all accounts the first time in the history of the department that every member of the KPD had their photo taken. For their unyielding enthusiasm, devotion and professionalism throughout that lengthy process, Kreisa and Lewis were both selected as the April Employees of the Month. 

Mayor, Rehg, McCarter, ChiefAPRIL LIFE-SAVING AWARD

Lieutenant Chris McCarter was presented with the April Life-Saving Award. On April 8, 2019, Lt. McCarter was dispatched to a man standing on a bridge rail of Pleasant Ridge Road. When he arrived on scene, McCarter found the individual sitting on the curb of the bridge talking to his father and KCSO Deputy Brian Rehg

Just when the situation seemed defused and that all threats were diminished, the young man quickly jumped up and attempted to leap over the railing of the bridge. However, with quick and decisive action, Lt. McCarter and Deputy Rehg grabbed the man’s legs and collectively worked to pull him back to safety. The individual was then transported to a local emergency room for evaluation. 

Because of the caution and vigilance exercised by both McCarter and Rehg, a young life was saved. For his efforts, McCarter was presented with the April Life-Saving Award. 


The Property Management Unit was one of two units presented with an April Unit Commendation. That month alone, the Property Management Unit undertook three major tasks.

First, the PMU completed the destruction of over 1,850 individual pieces of narcotics from over 1,700 cases. That required examining and researching records extensively and contacting the courts among other things before completing the process.

Second, the Unit worked cohesively to prepare for an auction of items, going through a similar process before making over 100 bicycles and pieces of lawn equipment, and over 40 cases of additional pieces of property, available for auction.

Finally, on April 27, the Unit participated in the DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back event, partnering with local agencies to collect nearly 1,200 pounds of narcotics, recyclables and sharps. 

For their unit-wide commitment and teamwork to complete three major projects in a single month, the Property Management Unit was awarded with the April Unit Commendation. 

Drug Task ForceThe Drug-Related Death Task Force was the second Unit Commendation awarded for April. That unit was recognized for its efforts during a large-scale investigation that was initially launched in January 2019.

With coordination between the DRDTF, the KPD Patrol Unit, the DEA, the Knox County DA’s Office, the TBI and the KCSO, a wide-spread network of heroin / fentanyl trafficking extending from Knoxville to Detroit was uncovered and brought to justice.

After months of interviews, surveillance and research, 15 individuals were indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy to distribute heroin and Fentanyl. The investigation eventually resulted in the arrest of a major drug supplier in Detroit, which led to the discovery of nearly 5 kilos of heroin.

All told, the total seizure in the investigation amounted to over 5.5 kilos of heroin and 14 firearms. 

This three-month investigation is only one example of the incredible work and commitment to duty shown by the Drug-Related Death Task Force. The tireless efforts of that Unit helped bring down a multi-state drug operation and made Knoxville a much safer place. 

Mayor, Bradley, Grantham, ChiefAPRIL OFFICERS OF THE MONTH

West District Patrol Officers Dylan Bradley and Ethan Grantham played a key role in the Drug-Related Death Task Force’s investigation, and were recognized as the April Officers of the Month for their efforts. 

After the initial investigation was launched, Bradley and Grantham conducted interdiction on a drug complaint on their beat, stopping multiple individuals during that process who were later interviewed. Those interviews further uncovered the breadth and reach of the drug trafficking network. 

The proactive work done by both Bradley and Grantham to target a known problem area on their beat led to a number of arrests of local drug dealers and proved invaluable in the process of the investigation.

That investigation, which led to the largest single heroin / fentanyl seizure in the history of Knox County, undoubtedly saved lives.