Electric Scooters Launch Downtown

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Electric Scooters Launch Downtown

Posted: 04/30/2019
Beginning May 1, 2019, downtown Knoxville will have two electric scooter providers on the streets.

Spin, a company partnering with Zagster, and VeoRide, a company new to Knoxville, will both be operating an electric scooter share program. Zagster currently operates the City’s Pace bike share program.

The two companies were selected as part of a City pilot program and have one-year operating agreements, renewable for an additional year.

Both companies operate through web-based apps which must be downloaded to rent the scooters. Rates and times of availability will vary by company, weather conditions, and downtown events.

Per the pilot program rules and City ordinances, electric scooters must be ridden in the streets and are not allowed on sidewalks or greenways.

Pedestrian-heavy areas such as Market Square and specific roads will be off-limits as well.

In addition, the web-based apps provide a map indicating areas that are currently approved for scooter operations.

Initially, each company will provide 50 electric scooters and increase the number over time based on demand.

Details on the operations of the pilot program will be subject to change as the program evolves.

Scooters should be parked upright and out of the way of pedestrians or moving vehicles. Users are encouraged to park scooters according to instructions provided by the app.

Individuals who misuse a scooter or park the scooter in a position that impedes pedestrian, bicycle, or motor vehicle traffic may be fined or ticketed.

For more information about the City’s electric scooter pilot, visit http://www.knoxvilletn.gov/scooters.