City Council Approves Construction Contract for Young High Pike Sidewalk

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News item

City Council Approves Construction Contract for Young High Pike Sidewalk

Posted: 04/13/2016
City Council approved a resolution Tuesday evening authorizing the City to enter into a contract with Design and Construction Services, Inc. for the construction of a new sidewalk segment along West Young High Pike, which will form a pedestrian connection between Chapman Highway and Martin Mill Pike. 

West Young High Pike

The $258,682 sidewalk project will extend 1,600 feet, or 0.3 mile, and has been a prevalent public improvement request from South Knoxville residents. The sidewalk will be 5 feet wide with a 2-foot grass separation from the street. Pedestrian crossings, signals, drainage work and grading are included in the scope of the project. 

Officials from Knoxville Area Transit have also been advocates for the Young High Pike sidewalk project, as it will include improved access to three KAT bus stops.

The new sidewalk on West Young High Pike closes a missing gap between Martin Mill Pike and Chapman Highway and connects to existing sidewalks, linking numerous residences and businesses in South Knoxville.

“This project uses segments of existing sidewalk to connect two major streets. It connects residential areas to retail and helps kids get to school. It also makes it easier to use the three KAT bus lines that serve the area,” said Jim Hagerman, Director of Engineering. “The worn path in the grass next to Young High Pike tells us that people are already walking this way, but the construction of a sidewalk will make it easier and safer, and improves access for everyone.”

Construction is expected to begin in early summer and should be completed by the fall. No detours are anticipated during the construction process.

For updated information on the West Young High Pike sidewalk project’s progress, visit