Prosser Road Dye Tests Planned for Wednesday

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Prosser Road Dye Tests Planned for Wednesday

Posted: 01/17/2012
As a part of the Prosser Road Drainage Improvements Project, a City of Knoxville contractor will be injecting dye into two sinkholes in the area on Wednesday, Jan. 18. Area residents may notice red or green dye in local waterways for up to 10 days afterward. The dyes are nontoxic and biodegradable.

The City has hired S&ME to perform surveying and a qualitative dye trace study for the Prosser Road area. The plan is for S&ME to inject red dye in the Prosser Road injection point and green dye in the northwest quadrant of the I-40/Rutledge Pike interchange. As soon as the dye has been introduced, receptor locations will be monitored and samples will be collected for approximately 10 days following the introduction of the dye.

In previous dye tests performed at this location, traces of the dye showed up as far away as the spring near Holston Middle School. Information collected from the study will be used to help address drainage issues in the Prosser Road area.