Passengers Unite to Strengthen KAT Farragut Express 102x

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Passengers Unite to Strengthen KAT Farragut Express 102x

Posted: 09/28/2012
KAT passengers, the Smart Trips Program and The Town of Farragut are teaming up to promote the use of the 102X - Farragut Express Route.

Knoxville Area Transit will be offering the express route service fare-free on Tuesdays in October and November to entice people to ride for change. The fare-free rides kick off on Tuesday morning, October 2, and the passengers on the 6:45 a.m., 7:15 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. departures will be greeted by the Town of Farragut Mayor and Alderman serving donuts and coffee to passengers. In addition, The Smart Trips Program will be awarding prizes to passengers on the morning trips on Free Tuesdays in October and November.

Several current passengers have agreed to act as "Transit Mentors" and explain the basics to new riders, such as reading a schedule, knowing where to get off and where to catch the bus in the afternoons. They can also explain the Smart Trips Emergency Ride Home program and the other benefits of Smart Trips.

To encourage ridership, 102X passengers have begun a Facebook page to educate people on how to ride, why they enjoy the service, and various activities they can do on the bus - such as reading, texting or sleeping - that they can't do while driving. Searching "Farragut Express" on Facebook will lead those interested to the page.

"With fuel costs creeping back up, there is no better time to try the Farragut Express," says Cindy McGinnis, KAT General Manager. "With passenger mentors available to answer questions, free rides and prizes on Tuesdays, and a new Facebook page full of information, now is a great time to try transit from Farragut to UT and downtown. Taking the bus a few days a week can make a noticeable difference in fuel costs and provides a stress-free commute."

The route takes park & ride passengers from Campbell Station Road in Farragut to UT and downtown via the interstate, operating during peak morning and afternoon hours, Monday through Friday.

A new morning trip will begin October 1, which creates an additional option for reaching UT and downtown. A summary of the service follows, but there are multiple drop-off and pick-up locations within UT and the downtown area. For detailed information about specific stop locations for UT and Downtown, visit, click on "schedules & maps" and click on the 102X - Farragut Express.

The cost to ride the express route is $2. Medicare Cardholders, persons with disabilities and seniors age 65 and over with KAT ID ride for half fare. Correct change is not required, but change will be given in a stored-value transit pass that can be used on future trips.