National Safe Boating Week

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Kristin Farley
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400 Main St., Room 691
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National Safe Boating Week

Posted: 05/18/2012
Mayor Rogero presented a proclamation today to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary proclaiming this week as National Safe Boating Week.

Recreational boating is fun and enjoyable, and we are fortunate that we have bountiful resources to accommodate the wide variety of pleasure boating demands in and around the City of Knoxville.

While being a marvelous source of recreation, boating, to the unprepared, can be a risky sport. Not knowing or obeying the Navigation Rules or the nautical "Rules of the Road," drinking alcohol or taking drugs while operating a boat, or choosing not to wear your life jacket, are all examples of human error or a lack of proper judgment.

One particular behavior that can reduce the number of boaters who lose their lives by drowning each year by approximately 80% is the wearing of a life jacket. It is a simple task that has the potential to reduce terrible loss in lives.

Knowledge and skills are important in reducing human error and improving judgment. If people are aware of the risk, they are likely to take the precautionary measures to protect themselves and their family and friends. That is why we must continue to spread the messages of boating safety not only during National Safe Boating Week but also throughout the entire year.

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