Mayor Visits KPD's Training Center

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Mayor Visits KPD's Training Center

Posted: 07/19/2012
Mayor Rogero spent Thursday morning touring the Knoxville Police Department's Phil E. Keith Training Center.

The Phil E. Keith Training Center, an East Knoxville facility, (located on Cement Plant Rd.), houses a state of the art firearms center to include two 30 point, 50-yard pistol ranges; one 20 point, 100-yard rifle range with a rappelling and sniper tower. The ranges are equipped with electronic targeting systems controlled from the range tower. The Keith Center also houses a state of the art 360 degree indoor shooting facility. This facility allows officers to utilize weapons, including rifles, inside of a safe environment designed to simulate a typical house or apartment. This structure is the only one of its kind in the area operated by a municipal agency. The facility is also equipped with two 45-person classrooms and computerized firearms training system.

Mayor Rogero took a few shots on the center's firing range with the help of Sgt. Shane Watson and Officer John Sutton.

Additionally, she spent some time observing maneuvers by the Special Operations Squad in the "shoot house." Lt. Keith Debow and Sgt. Shane Watson explained the importance of the development of the "shoot house" and the valuable training that it offers KPD officers for more realistic situations..

Located adjacent to the Phil Keith Training Center, is the Don Jones Driving track which includes a sophisticated skid pad, large skills area, and city response course, complete with street signs, markings, and traffic lights. A roadway to simulate highway and interstate driving encircles the track. The track is equipped with lighting for nighttime use and also has a central control point housed within the four-story control center. Like simulators used by aircraft pilots, a computerized driving simulator is also used to advance police driving skills. We look forward to this facility being a regional resource for both government drivers training as well as providing education to the community.

Mayor Rogero did a ride-along on the driving track. Officer Michelle Goldsberry and Deputy Chief Gary Holliday explained the course and its importance in training of KPD officers.