City Cites Owner of Apartment Building

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City Cites Owner of Apartment Building

Posted: 03/12/2012
 The City of Knoxville has issued a citation to Steve Humphreys for the illegal operation of a halfway house at 826 N. Broadway after determining that the property failed to meet zoning requirements.

Humphreys is president and executive director of FOCUS Prison Ministries. FOCUS has approval for a four-plex apartment building at that address but does not have approval to operate a halfway house within the current zoning ordinances.

After calls and emails from neighbors complaining that several individuals were moving into the Broadway building, a team from the City's Permits and Inspections Department and officers with the Knoxville Police Department visited the address to do an inspection. It was determined that FOCUS was operating a halfway house and was in violation of Knoxville City Code (Appendix B Article 4 ).

Zoning laws do not give the City authority to require the building be vacated. The legal remedies for non-compliance with zoning ordinances are a court citation and/or injunctive relief in Chancery Court. The City has issued a citation with a court date of March 28.