Additional Recycling Carts Get Delivered

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Additional Recycling Carts Get Delivered

Posted: 02/06/2012
A second round of recycling carts will be delivered throughout the month of February for the City's new curbside single-stream program. Households who signed up between Aug. 14 and Dec. 27, 2011, will get their carts this month with the pickup service starting on March 12, 2012. 

The additional 3,500 carts will bring the total to 20,000 households within Knoxville City limits participating in the program. Information will be attached to the carts indicating what can be placed in the cart, details on the RecycleBank Rewards program, etc. 

"Getting these additional carts to our citizens will just increase our diversion of material from the landfill even more," says David Brace, director of public service for the City. "Diversion of usable materials will ultimately benefit the City and region for years to come." 

The goal of 20,000 households for the program was reached in December. Residents who are not a part of the 20,000 households currently enrolled can indicate their interest by signing up on a waiting list. Information is available on the city's web site or by calling 311. 

About 16,500 households have been using the bi-weekly service since the first of October and have already recycled more than 2,000 tons of materials 

More details on the program can be found on the web site at or by calling 311.