Business Resource Guide

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This business guide is intended to provide you with general information and an overview of the range of processes you may have to go through in establishing or expanding your business. 

If you have suggestions that would be helpful to include in future editions of the guide, please contact Patricia Robledo in the Office of Business Support at 865‐215‐3155 or [email protected].

Business Resource Guide [PDF] (1.4 MB)

Business Basics [PDF]

Your Physical Location [PDF]
Zoning and Other Regulations [PDF]
Permits and Inspections [PDF]
Other Licenses [PDF]
General Business Resources [PDF]
Financing, Loan Programs, Business Incentives and Information [PDF]
Workshops and Training Opportunities [PDF]
Chambers of Commerce and Business/Professional Organizations [PDF]
Professional Services [PDF]
Workforce [PDF]
Relocation / Economic Development [PDF]
Doing Business with Government [PDF]
Guide to City Departments [PDF]
City's Organizational Chart [PDF]