Small Selected as 2018 KPD Employee of the Year

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Small Selected as 2018 KPD Employee of the Year

Posted: 04/01/2019
Chief Thomas, Supervisor Small, Mayor RogeroFor her hard work and dedication, KPD Technical Services Supervisor Julia (Julie) Small was named as the 2018 KPD Employee of the Year on Monday, April 2019 at the Knoxville Police Department Recognition Luncheon.

Technical Services Supervisor Small, has “exhibited a pattern of consistent quality service to the department” for the entire year of 2018. Because of her leadership, proficiency, and relentless work ethic, the Technical Services Unit was able to successfully accomplish the enormous task of upgrading the outdated analog radio system to the new digital radio system. An upgrade of this magnitude has not been done for nearly 30 years.

Over the course of many months, Supervisor Small spent countless hours in meetings, meticulously writing complex encrypted code plugs for all the different models of portable and mobile radios in the KPD inventory. She tested and retested the radios to make sure the upgrading and programming process would be successful in one take, and she effectively planned and executed the strategy for the changeover without compromising the safety of our officers and citizens.

During the programming process, the Technical Services Unit discovered significant transmission failures that were not being addressed by the vendor. Supervisor Small was persistent in her efforts to assure every radio was tested, and after documenting the test results, she convinced Motorola that the problem was on their end.  Her diligence led them to discover faulty equipment at one of their radio towers. 

Throughout the digital radio project, Supervisor Small's keen ability to problem-solve earned her the reputation among various agencies and organizations as a “go to” resource for help and consultation.

Supervisor Small was awarded the “2018 Partner of the Year” by the University of Tennessee Police Department. She assisted Knox County Schools with their radio programming and she also assisted the Knoxville Fire Department by fine-tuning their radios, which maximized output and reception on the new radio system.

Her ongoing achievements make Supervisor Small an invaluable asset not just for KPD, but for many local, state, and federal agencies who have received her assistance.