UT's Nolt to Speak at June 20th Brown Bag Green Book

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UT's Nolt to Speak at June 20th Brown Bag Green Book

Posted: 06/12/2012
As part of the Brown Bag, Green Book series, on June 20th, Dr. John Nolt, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tennessee, will talk about his book A Land Imperiled: The declining health of the southern Appalachian bioregion. The talk will start at 12 noon and will last until 1:00 pm in the East Tennessee History Center at 601 South Gay Street. Bring a lunch or pick up something at a downtown lunch. Reading the book is optional.

Cherokees called the magnificent mountain range in eastern Tennessee "land of the blue mist," which European settlers later changed to "Smoky Mountains." Today, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of Southern Appalachia's leading tourist attractions. But that fabled blue mist isn't so blue-- or healthy-- any longer. A Land Imperiled is a symptom-by-symptom look at the myriad of ecological issues threatening the health of the southern high country-- a much-needed wake-up call for anyone concerned about the region's natural legacy.

Nolt divides his teaching and research mostly between logic and environmental ethics. He has published six books and many articles in these areas. He has been an environmental activist for many years and currently chairs UTK's Committee on the Campus Environment. In an effort to live sustainably, he and his wife grow much of their own food in organic gardens at our home. He mows their lawn with a scythe and commutes to work by bike.

For more information about the Brown Bag Green Book series please visit http://knoxlib.org