City to Plant New Trees on Market Square

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City to Plant New Trees on Market Square

Posted: 02/21/2012
The City of Knoxville Public Service Department and its tree planting contractor All in the Garden will be downtown this Friday and Saturday as they work to plant several new trees within the tree "wells" on Market Square.

In total, three Myrimar Zelkova trees will be planted: two within existing empty wells, and one as a replacement to an existing tree that is in severe decline. The Zelkova was chosen because of its ability to thrive in tough urban environments, its vase-like shape (with a growth pattern that should provide better sight lines on the Square toward the stage), and its fall color similar to the existing Maples.

In addition to installing the new trees, City officials are developing options for protecting these new plantings as well as the existing trees. Market Square is an intensely used public space where soil compaction has hindered the growth and health of the trees planted when the Square was renovated in 2002. Options to protect the trees will probably include some type of low physical barrier and ground cover plants, which will be discussed with the appropriate stakeholders before installation.

The Horticulture Department within Public Service is responsible for maintaining trees throughout the City – including downtown, fire halls and parks and recreation centers.