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Location & Climate

Founded in 1791 where the French Broad and Holston Rivers converge to form the Tennessee River, Knoxville is the largest city in East Tennessee and ranks third largest in the state. It is located in a broad valley between the Cumberland Mountains to the northwest and the Great Smoky Mountains to the southeast. These two mountain ranges help provide a moderate climate, with an annual average temperature of 58 degrees. There are 98.7 square miles in the City of Knoxville and 508.2 square miles in all of Knox County. Downtown Knoxville is 936 feet above sea level. 


The Knoxville area is frequently cited in national surveys as a quality place in which to live. The University of Tennessee calls Knoxville home, making an array of educational and cultural opportunities available to area residents. Affordable housing, health care costs below the national average, a low crime rate, and a pleasant climate with lakes and mountains nearby are factors which make Knoxville an attractive place to settle.

Population Estimates

2020 Demographic Profile Data from Census.gov
City of Knoxville - 190,740
Knox County - 478,971

U.S. Census Bureau - Knoxville

Demographic Profile from 2020 Census
Demographic Profile
U.S. Census Bureau - Knox County

Demographic Profile from 2020 Census
Demographic Profile

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Tennessee is a business-friendly state. Corporations, as well as citizens, benefit from the Tennessee tax structure. It is profitable to do business in Tennessee and cost effective to live here. Various tax credits are applicable, further lowering tax liability of corporations within the state. Tennessee is one of the few remaining state with no personal income tax.

Under Tennessee Constitutional law, property taxes are assessed as follows:

• Residential property is assessed at 25% of appraised value
• Commercial/industrial property is assessed at 40% of appraised value

As of July, 2013, the property tax rate for Knox County residents is $2.12 per $100 assessed value, and the tax rate within the City of Knoxville is $2.4638 per $100 assessed value. Residents of the city are subject to both city and county property taxes.

Business taxes, payable in both the city and county, vary from 1/30 of 1% to 1/8 of 1% of taxable gross receipts, of which the state receives 15%. The minimum business tax is $20. Most professional offices and manufacturers are exempt. More information can be obtained from the City at 865-215-2084 and the County at 865-215-2305.

The state sales tax is 7%. The local sales tax is 2.25%, bringing the total sales tax in Knox County to 9.25%.

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