Chief of Urban Design and Development

Rebekah Jane Justice
[email protected]
(865) 215-2141

400 Main St., Room 655
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Tennessee River Waterfront Connectivity Study
Final Report Slide In 2005, the City of Knoxville initiated a 20-year plan for the revitalization and preservation of Knoxville’s South Waterfront. That plan established a vision and set a long-term improvement strategy for approximately 750 acres fronting three miles of the Tennessee River directly south of Downtown and across from the University of Tennessee’s Knoxville campus.  As that plan approaches the 20-year mark, the City of Knoxville initiated this Connectivity Framework Study to build on the progress and investment within the original South Waterfront Redevelopment Area. This study recognizes completed public and private development efforts and ongoing projects while identifying and prioritizing new opportunities for greater connectivity. The boundaries of this study encompass the original focus area but also expand to include connections to planned community and cultural experiences in other areas of the city. Click the button below to view the Final Report in PDF format (68MB).

Implementation Strategy
Implementation Strategy Concluding the Connectivity Study, an Implementation Strategy for subsequent steps was created. The wide array of recommendations presented here are rooted in feedback from stakeholders and the community, outlining strategies that align with the four predominant themes voiced by community participants: 1) celebrating and expanding Knoxville’s growing network of green spaces and outdoor recreation; 2)embracing opportunities for mixed-use and mixed-income development that preserves and reinforces neighborhood character; 3) enhancing existing infrastructure and introducing new infrastructure to promote public safety and responsible population growth; 4) adhering to the form-based code of the South Waterfront. The summary of projects included recognizes ongoing initiatives that will significantly advance the ideas promoted by the Connectivity Study. Additionally, project timelines are indicated, not as a measure of priority, but instead to distinguish projects that are actively being implemented or nearing completion, in contrast to the projects where there remains a lot of work to be done to bring these improvements to life. The key below defines the phases of implementation marked in the timeline for each project. All projects outlined herein are instrumental in realizing the vision articulated by the community during the Connectivity Framework Study process. Click the button below to view the Implementation Strategy Report in PDF format (6MB). 

South Waterfront Advisory and Advocacy Group Down River Workshop February 22, 2024
Workshop On February 22, 2024, the Advisory and Advocacy Group met at the Kerbela Temple for a hands on workshop to discuss future development in the South Knoxville Waterfront. The focus of the conversation was on the Down River neighborhoods and the proposed Pedestrian and Bike Bridge and it’s surrounding development. The evening began with a brief presentation detailing the process and timeline of the Bridge development, as well as updates on other future and ongoing public investments by the City. Additionally, participants received an overview of the progress and opportunities presented by the Connectivity Framework Study, along with the preliminary vision statement and guiding principles developed from feedback gathered during that process. This background information helped orient workshop participants to their role and objectives for the evening. After the presentation, participants were divided into small groups and rotated through a series of stations every 20 minutes. Each station spotlighted specific aspects of the neighborhood and development, offering various opportunities for participants to engage with content and share comments and feedback. At the end of the workshop, the group reconvened to summarize the discussions and outline the next steps for the Advisory and Advocacy Group and the project team going forward. Click the button below to view the Workshop Results Report in PDF format (38MB). 

Workshop Results PDF file