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Neighborhood ConferenceThe Neighborhood Conference on Saturday, March 24, 2018 drew 600 participants who shared stories, traded contact information, learned new information, taught new things to others, and celebrated Knoxville's residential neighborhoods.
Sponsors made this conference possible financially. Please review the list of sponsors and make a point to thank them if you get a chance.

Volunteers, including many UT students, helped the conference run smoothly. They included Amy Midis, Andrew Jeske-Polyak, Anna Compton, Ariel Allen, Benjamin Barnhill, Brandon Johnston, Brianna Fielder, Briley Houston, Chelsea Thanh Huynh, Christine Doka, Christine Winton, Christopher Cannon, Danielle Gerlach, Dasha Lundy, Debbie Taylor-Allen, Derek Tate, Diane Sharp, Emma Ellis-Cosigua, Emma Roden, Gerry Moll, Grace Duda, Greg Taylor, Henry Wilcox, Hilary Gallegos, Holland Rowe, Hope Ealey, Jaclyn Kowalsky, Jack Moran, Jamie Harris, Janice Tocher, Janna Cecil, Jennifer Reynolds, Jodie Clouser, John Sharp, Johnathan Blevins, Kathy Ellis, Kaye Bultemeier, Kelly Peterson, Kenton Smith, Kriston Ramsey, Maddie Davis, Marsha Uselton, Mark Carper, Paige Schoonover, Robbie Arrington, Samantha Pohlot, Sandy Gillespie , Sara Keel, Shelby Furer, Sue Stevens, and Terry Caruthers.