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The Fifth & Broadway Task Force was appointed by Mayor Bill Haslam after City Council approved allocating federal funding to help renovate the former Fifth Avenue Motel (historically known as Minvilla) located at the southwest corner of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. A series of meetings were held and a Special Report was given to the Mayor. The work of the Task Force was the foundation for the creation of the district known as Downtown North and several planning studies that have recommended projects and investment in this area.

The first Downtown North Redevelopment Meetings were held in 2008 and focused on the defining the geographic boundaries of the area, discussing the existing programs within the area, and focusing on the Central Street Urban Corridor Project. The Central Street project was an effort to impact change with minimal costs by re-stripping the corridor to make it a multi-modal corridor: friendly to pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, as well as automobiles. City and MPC staff worked together to implement the communities requested re-stripping of Central St. from Woodland Ave. to Baxter Ave. in the Fall 2008. This change created shorter cross walks, bike lanes, and on-street parking along the corridor; it also set the stage for the comprehensive Downtown North Streetscape Plan that started in 2009. Below are notes from those meetings in 2008.

Fifth & Broadway Task Force

Comments About Downtown North Redevelopment [PDF]
07/08/08 - Meeting Notes [PDF]
07/08/08 - News Release [PDF]
07/08/08 - Meeting Presentation [PDF]
07/08/08 - Meeting Agenda [PDF]
09/30/08 - Re-Striping Plan [PDF]
09/30/08 - Meeting Presentation [PDF]
10/02/08 - News Release [PDF]

Streetscape Project


North Gay Street Project